Cheap Siomai from Siomai King

Cheap Siomai from Siomai King

I usually pass by this kiosk on my way home and one night I tried it out. Basically, you will get 5pcs of siomai for only PHP25. However, size wise they aren’t that big compared to other “brands” but I think they are already a good deal for those who want a quick siomai fix.

I delivered a piece to my mouth and I chewed it slowly to savor the taste. I continued chewing on.. and swallowed it. The siomai was harder than the other variations I have tasted and it wasn’t that flavorful. I’m glad that the “calamansi” and the “chili-garlic” was there to help finish it all. I ordered two orders so that’s ten siomai for me to finish. Well, it was a good sidedish to my cup noodles as my dinner.

Overall, it wasn’t the best siomai I have tasted (in comparison to the other budget siomai kiosks out there), but good enough to fill your stomach when you are hungry. :)

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PS: check out the new watermark… lessons from Charles Segubre! Thanks dude

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5 thoughts on “Cheap Siomai from Siomai King

  1. is this the same brand as in 7th? the 7th siomai is delicious. :)

  2. lol. and my name showed up here. haha i’m surprised =) thanks hahahaha!

    and you’re welcome. slap.

  3. Good Day!

    We’re glad to offer you our franchise SIOMAI KING (the first and the original 5pcs dimsum). Franchise package is now only 58,888 from the original price of 148,888.. Package includes cart, equipment, accessories, utensils, marketing collateral, uniform of service crew, manpower assistance (within Metro Manilal and training and orientation. We accept franchise applicant nationwide. If you’re interested you may email us or contact the numbers below. LIMITED OFFER.. Promo good until October 2011. (we prioritize applicant with available location)
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  4. mharlyn cano says:

    may i ask if ur still have this promo tnx

So what can you say? :)