Chef Tatung’s Cafe at Acacia Estates

Chef Tatung’s Cafe at Acacia Estates

Chef Tatung

Thanks to CashCashPinoy; we were able to try out this deal.

Enjoy a premier dining experience at Chef Tatung!

It’s been a while since our last attempt in using group buying vouchers so one day, I visited CashCashPinoy, browsed around and bought some deals. One of them would be at Chef Tatungs; located inside Acacia Estates in Taguig.

It was easy to find the restaurant inside Acacia Estates. The guards gave detailed instructions and there were sign boards along the way. The only thing that made us doubt was the rough road/unpaved road that you have to traverse prior to reaching Chef Tatungs. Only that stretch of road was different from the paved and very lit roads of Acacia Estates.

Chef Tatung is a fine dining Filipino Restaurant so we set our expectations on the prices and how fast our voucher get be consumed. Also, choosing a dish from the menu is challenging as almost all the dishes have the label Chef Recommended or Best Seller so we just picked whatever we wanted to eat that night.

Chef Tatung Molo Soup

Chef Tatung Molo Soup – PHP (Solo 110, Sharing 270)
Pork and Shrimp Dumplings in a clear broth with shrimp and shredded chicken and garnished with toasted garlic and spring onions

Our first dish would be the molo soup; something that I miss from Iloilo. I’m happy to see generous amounts of shredded chicken, molo balls and especially shrimp on it. The soup itself wasn’t as salty than what I’m used to; although it does make you taste the ingredients better.

Chef Tatung Bangus Belly in Banana Leaves

Chef Tatung Bangus Belly in Banana Leaves – PHP 390
Bangus belly fillets marinated in salt and wrapped in tender banana leaves and steamed with tomatoes, onions, ginger and dried kamias fruit and served with calamansi-butter sauce.

For our main dish, we had (what we initially thought as simple) bangus belly. It looked and tasted all natural with toppings you can find in a normal kitchen (except for the kamias though). Although the dish looked simple, it was the harmony of the ingredients plus the sauce that made it great! It had hints of sweetness, sourness, and bitterness embedded into the juicy fillet.

Chef Tatung Warm Tsoknut in Chocolate Cake

Chef Tatung Warm Tsoknut in Chocolate Cake – PHP 110
Here’s one for the chocoholics: warm moist chocolate cake bathed in a chocolate sauce and tsoknut crumble

For dessert, we had the Chocnut topped chocolate cake (even if they change the spelling). It was as what the description tells you. Yummy! and it was gone in just a few seconds with me trying to scrape off the remaining chocolate sauce and tsoknut crumbles on the plate.

We were satisfied with our meal at Chef Tatung as we liked all our orders. We would love to try out more of their dishes but we have to go there in a group as their location is somewhere you have to deliberately to go.

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Chef Tatung’s Cafe
Acacia Estates, Molave Lane
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 661-7703


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  1. It’s been 3 years since I last visited Chef Tatung’s, and this was before he transferred to Taguig. I guess I should visit Acacia Lanes soon. :)

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