Chicksilog by Chades Tapsilog

Chicksilog by Chades Tapsilog

Chicksilog from Chades Tapsilogan
PHP 52.00

Whenever I’m hungry and in need of a quick fix, I would usually just walk two blocks from home, go straight to Chades Tapsilogan and eat their chicksilog. The meal would start off by a mug of hot soup (where I usually put in my rice instead of drinking it like others do). A few minutes (sometimes seconds) later, the chicksilog will be served with garlic rice and fried egg. Lastly, I would add a lot of ketchup (they use UFC ketchup btw) and my hunger fix is solved. All this for PHP52 pesos only or more if you order extra rice (I always do).

Btw, for those people who are afraid of MSG, beware because I can taste MSG in their food.

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8 thoughts on “Chicksilog by Chades Tapsilog

  1. hhehehehe yes Chades is also good..have you tried Lola ely’s at bambang?

    I think Ely’s is much better compared to chades.

  2. i love chades :D !

  3. where is chades located? someone told me that their lechon rice is very delicious.. :)

  4. chades' lover says:

    as for the moment, chades tapsilog is under certain circumstances that’s why it is closed..they are currently having their team building/outing somewhere out there together with mang toots(located at p.noval st.)..we are fans of this very popular eatery since it is very near our boarding house, we are having our breakfast, lunch and dinner here..even meryenda and midnight snack..our favorite meal is chick,tap,hot,long,mixed,embo,ado,lechon,pork,da,tilapia,corn,to all of them multiplied by silog..

    • I see, all branches are closed? You do have a lot of favorites lol.. what would be your favorite among your favorites?

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