Chili Peppers Beef and Adobo Rice

Chili Peppers Beef and Adobo Rice

Chili Peppers Adobo Flakes Rice


June 7, 2011

One of our favorite dining and hang out places while at work would be at Chili Peppers. For a price range of around PHP80-150 per dish, it already reasonably priced. Let me show you two of their rice meals that are sure to make you full because for these dishes, they use two cups of rice! Well, if you are a rice heavy person then good for you! LoL

Chili Peppers Adobo Rice – PHP 95

Please see the first picture of this post to see this dish. I’m not sure if it is called “Adobo Rice” or “Adobo Flakes Rice” though. A bit salty (strong taste) for me but it’s crunchy. Adobo flakes comes from adobo where the meat has been shredded into pieces then it will be toasted to give it some crunch!

Chili Peppers Beef Rice

Chili Peppers Beef Rice – PHP 95

My personal favorite. Actually, there’s nothing really special on this meal :D The beef has parts that are rubbery (hard to chew and gets stuck to your teeth) and you can taste the soy sauce on it. However, the rice is very flavorful (especially when you add ketchup or hot sauce on it) that you can eat it on its own. You can ignore the beef if it hurts your teeth :)

These two are not really their best dishes for me but these are the dishes I would usually eat if I’m hungry because they have lots of rice to fill me up because I’m a rice person. (Now, that was a long sentence). If you want some suggestions, I would suggest that you try out their “sweet chop o’ mine”, steak habanero and if you have cash to burn, get their ribs and steaks.

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Chili Peppers, Valero
Cosmopolitan Tower, 134 Valero St., Salcedo Vill.
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 813-6275

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  1. Daw Php85 lang na sang una… and may ara pa gid sisig rice naman, same concept hehe

So what can you say? :)