Chops Chicago Steakhouse Weekend Buffet

Chops Chicago Steakhouse Weekend Buffet

Chops Chicago Steakhouse

Finally, I was able to meat Chops!

On a fine Sunday night, I informed my parents that we would be stuffing ourselves with meat at Chops. Our destination was Chops Chicago Steakhouse and we will try their weekend only buffet.

Weekend Buffet PHP 1200

Before we get to the buffet, let us view first the ala carte orders that we had that night.

Chops Chicago Steak House Classic Caesar Salad

Chops Chicago Steak House Classic Caesar Salad – PHP 285

Crispy romaine lettuce, bacon bits, herbed croutons, Parmesan cheese, black pepper and classic Caesar dressing

Chops Chicago Steak House Roasted Chicken

Chops Chicago Steak House Roasted Chicken – PHP 420

Garlic herbed roasted chicken, natural jus, sauteed French beans and potato overload

Chops Chicago Steak House The Steak House Burger

Chops Chicago Steak House The Steak House Burger – PHP 420

Black Angus ground beef, double smoked bacon, organic sunny side-up, bleu cheese crumble, and beer battered onion rings and house fries

Now, bring out the cows!

Chops Chicago Steakhouse Steaks

I licked my lips as the server showed us the different steak cuts in different sizes.

Let’s now talk about the buffet. They only have a small buffet table where you will first see a salad bar followed by several side dishes such as pasta, vegies, potatoes and other fillers. More importantly would be the steak table where raw steaks are waiting for you to be picked and cooked. You can specify how you want it to be done and I suggest always go for medium to medium-well so the juiciness, pinkish color and tenderness is retained.

While waiting for our orders we settled for the following…

Chops Chicago Steakhouse Charbroiled Slab of Bacon


Presenting, the king of Bacon! This literally blows all other bacon dishes that I have tried. It may look thick but it was very easy to slice and my body was really thanking me for feeding it delicious food. Btw, how is this different from their Charbroiled Slab of Bacon?

Chops Chicago Steakhouse Leg of Lamb

… leg of lamb…

I would always try leg of lamb whenever I see it on buffets. Chop’s version doesn’t disappoint but it doesn’t have the same level of excitement I had when I tried the bacon.

and now, let me present to you my plate for that night.

Chops Chicago Steak House Gindara Steak Buffet

The first plate contained Gindara (fish), Tenderloin, Striploin, Flank, Skirt and Sausage. I was to excited to eat that I forgot to take note which one was which… that’s why I must redeem myself and avail of the buffet again!

Chops Chicago Steak House Gindara


Surprisingly, we all enjoyed this salty and very juicy fish steak. It seems to be overflowing with juiciness. It was very soft and flavorful! Again, we have another king here! The king of fish steaks!

Note: Gindara / Black Cod / Escolar are said to cause digestive problems. We didn’t have any issues when we ate it but do eat it in moderation.

Very Satisfied. That’s all I can say from our dinner buffet at Chops. At PHP 1,200, it was really a great deal that I’m already exciting to go back.

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CHOPS Chicago Steakhouse

Greenbelt 5
4/F Greenbelt 5, Legazpi St
Legazpi Village, Makati
(02) 945-8088

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