Chowking’s Tender Beef Broccoli

Chowking’s Tender Beef Broccoli

I’m a fan of Beef with Broccoli so when I first saw this being advertised in Chowking, I added it to my “to eat and blog” list. So one day, I went to Chowking and ordered their Beef with Broccoli Lauriat.

Chowking Tender Beef with Broccoli Lauriat – PHP 127

When I saw it, I was sad. It only had two pieces of broccoli, the beef slices look very thin, and it looks like it had too much sauce. I took in my first bite of the beef and was able to taste a mix of beef and some rubbery feeling (was it cartilage or something?). This is something I really don’t like in beef because it goes against the tenderness of beef (eg. chewing on rubber). I was really hoping they would use much better beef slices but I guess I set my expectations too high on it.

The broccoli wasn’t crunchy anymore because it already sucked too much sauce already. It is now soggy but the overall dish still had a lot of sauce left on it. The sauce had a strong taste (I can’t describe it properly, perhaps salty? but usually you get this taste when eating stir fried beef?) but it was strong enough that you can’t eat it without gobbling up rice.

This wasn’t really what I was expecting (comparing it to other Chinese restaurants that have this on their menu) so this would be something I would skip on their menu. I was hoping they would make this a success just like their orange chicken.

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