Chubby Chicken Dinner

Chubby Chicken Dinner

Chubby Chicken

Last year, I got an invite to Chubby Chicken by Raine Santos. Sadly, I was able to visit it only this year (late by 3 months) and how I wish I visited much sooner because…

Chubby Chicken is located at Katipunan which means…

my skin turns green and the word “rival”  flashes in front of my eyes and going back,

that it is logistically far for me to go to.

However, with my recent visit (and also to drop off my “rival” a.k.a. brother into the ADMU dorm), I was convinced that Chubby Chicken is a place worth going to at Katipunan (but it wouldn’t hurt to open a branch closer at home though).

Let me tell your our story on how we became happy and chubby diners.

Chubby Chicken Angus Tapa

Chubby Chicken Angus Tapa – PHP 165
Sukiyaki Angus Tapa cuts, side of egg and steamed rice.

We started off with Angus Tapa. It tasted like tapa but it was much juicy and tasty that your regular tapa dish. It was shred into strands which leaves you just wanting more. Too bad this dish was caught in the middle of a DLSU/ADMU battle and was gone as fast as it was served.

Chubby Chicken

Chubby Chicken – 1pc (PHP72) / 2pcs (PHP112) – add more for rice or fries
Signature chicken recipe. Sweet or spicy?

I was wondering why name it as Chubby Chicken and that was answered when this dish arrived at our table. Although the skin looks drenched in glaze, it still retained its crunchiness. The skin was mildly sweet and the chicken meat was very juicy. It also comes with a garlic dip which really compliments that chicken. Given the size of the chicken and how it tastes, I can say that this was a steal!

Chubby Chicken Fish Taco

Chubby Chicken Fish Tacos – 1pcs (75) / 2pcs (125)
Choice of chicken or fish in soft shell tacos w/ lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese w/ white garlic dip. Served with fries.

I have never been a fan of tacos or burritos as I find it hard to eat due to the ingredients just falling everywhere. The ingredients (cheese, lettuce, dressing) in their fish taco go well together. Yummy but messy.

Chubby Chicken Parmigiana

Chubby Chicken Parmigiana – PHP 165
Chicken strips topped with ground beef, cheese sauce, melted cheddar cheese and parmesan cheese.

What happens when you remove the pasta in a lasagna and replace it with chicken? You get this oozing with cheese, surrounded by meat sauce, thick chicken fillet dish. It was very good! At this point, we were already getting full that finishing this was a sinful challenge.

Chubby Chicken Twinkies

Chubby Chicken Twinkies – PHP 110
Deep fried Twinkies, with soft cake exterior and creamy center, topped with generous serving of our homemade vanilla ice cream.

Just when we thought that we were full already, this dish magically made room in our stomachs.

Twinkies – defined as sponge cake with cream filling

This was the first time I had a taste of twinkies that I even asked the server what was the bread that came with the ice cream to my embarrassment. This reminded me of the lava cake experience (hot twinkies and cold rocky road ice cream). It wasn’t too sweet and provides a great way to end your meal.

I have to say that we enjoyed everything that was served to us and it was really worth the trip to Katipunan just to have a taste of Chubby Chicken.

Disclosure: Chubby Chicken paid for our meal.

Till next time,


PS: Btw, watch out for the Chubby Chicken Giveaway that will start tomorrow. :)


Chubby Chicken
Loyola Heights
Esteban Abada St cor Alvero St
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
(02) 499-9999

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