Chunky Boy Drunken Barbeque

Chunky Boy Drunken Barbeque

Chunky Boy's Drunken Barbeque Bar and Grill

When I first visited Chunky Boy and checked out their menu (that was over a year ago), I found it expensive. However, when we visited Chunky Boy a few days ago, we were able to dine here and say that their prices were reasonable. What changed? The prices didn’t get lower (might have increased even). But before I answer that, let me share to you what we ate.

Chunky Boy's Drunken Pork BBQ

Chunky Boy’s Drunken Pork BBQ – PHP 22 / stick

This was one of their specialties. It tasted normal to me. The vinegar dip wasn’t that strong (sour enough) so you can still savor the BBQ sauce.

Chunky Boy's Chicken Sinigang

Chunky Boy’s Chicken Sinigang – PHP 145.00

I love sinigang (tamarind soup) and I loved how they cooked their chicken sinigang. The sourness was just right and I can already finish my rice meal with just the soup. I missed this kind of sourness for sinigang. This was the main culprit why I was so full that night.

Chunky Boy's Fish Fillet in Lemon Sauce

Chunky Boy’s Fish Fillet in Lemon Sauce – PHP 135.00

The fish fillet was soft and had a thin breading. You can taste the fish inside and the Lemon sauce was just right. It was a bit sweet but not too sour (as compared to other lemon sauces I’ve tasted).

We also added warm calamansi juice and was happy to see that they used real calamansi instead of just powder to make the juice!

We certainly enjoyed our dinner here and I was telling myself, why did I not try this sooner as the place was very close to where I live. I gave in to my stingy ways before but I’m glad I decided to check it out again. My mother’s words, “sky’s the limit as long as it is food”, made me realize that I shouldn’t be super stingy with myself when it comes to food. It doesn’t mean that I should just go blind and spend money on all those expensive fine dining restaurants but I became more willing to pay a good price as long as I have enjoyed the food and the company I’m with.

Oh btw, they are open 24/7 I believe and they also have a karaoke (calling the beer boys lol).

Jessa and I dined here as part of our 8th Monthsary Activities. :)


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Location: (Closed)

Chunky Boy’s Drunken Barbeque, Makati
G/F Lotus Tower Oriental Gardens, Pasong Tamo cor. Export Bank Ave.
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 728-5588


24 thoughts on “Chunky Boy Drunken Barbeque

  1. Gil Camporazo says:

    Chunky Boy Druken Barbecue’s foods are delicious, tasty as I see them here in this blog. I am wanting to visit the place someday… Nice food site feature… keep it up!

  2. i like the idea – drunken barbecue hihi

    looks very tasty, but the place is too far from ours, but i jot it down just in case we pass by the place one of these days hihi

    • Where are you from? The good thing about them is that they are open for like 24hours.. except Sundays :)

  3. I love sinigang too. I hope they are not using ‘instant mixes’ to flavor.
    The price seems to be affordable.

  4. I was wondering if they are also here in Cebu, seems their food are affordable and for sure they taste good too :D

  5. Im interested to know why “drunken?” Hahaha. The foods look great. Haven’t tried tried Sinigang na Chicken yet. I think Imma try the fish fillet also. :)

    • I was trying to discover what it meant too… their drunken bbq didn’t taste like it had beer in its marinate lol. :)

  6. p22 per stick… that’s reasonable enough, and the Chicken Sinigang looks good (something I want to eat right this very moment), but I want to taste the fish! I only have tried eating Chicken with Lemon Sauce, eating it using the fish as the protein sounds interesting to try. :)

    • Yes, very reasonable compared to other restaurants.
      Please do try it! You can add lemon sauce to fish and chips dishes :)

  7. looks yummy, I miss eating pork bbq and the karaoke!

    • Go buy some bbq! lol! We bought some bbq yesterday while walking across the street from the street vendors. :D

  8. the fish fillet with lemon sauce looks delish. I really love food with lemon sauce

  9. I haven’t had chicken sinigang yet, is it different from sinampalukan? and yes, was it marinated in beer kaya drunken? cool name!

    • That I dont know. For me, sinigang and sinampalukan taste’s the same… they are sour although I have tried sinampalukan only once .

  10. The price is reasonable and the menus are worth trying for .

  11. looks like a very delicious treat with a very affordable price. I so love barbecues too, druken pork barbecue is a new thing to me, i used to eat druken shrimps or druken chicken but never tasted a barbecue, i would love to try that sometime.

    thanks for the extra time to vote for my entry on Purefoods Cornedbeef creations.

  12. I’ve never tried chicken sinigang my whole life. I didn’t know that you can actually make chicken sinigang. Hehe.. I’ll give it a try soon.

  13. this makes me drool! thanks for sharing

  14. chicken sinigang. hmm something new!

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