ClawDaddy Lunch

ClawDaddy Lunch

Claw Daddy Lunch

It was our first time to have lunch at ClawDaddy Osteria Americana. I wasn’t able to browse the menu because we were late in arriving and my sister and her husband already ordered for us. Well, here they are…

Claw Daddy Chicken Caesar Salad

Claw Daddy Chicken Caesar Salad

ClawDaddy Chicken Caesar Salad – PHP 345

Eating greens can be boring since they don’t have a yummy taste like meat. However, by adding ripe mangoes and grilled chicken, I forgot I was eating greens and was happily munching on them. However, how can this be more expensive than their pizza?

Claw Daddy Tutta Carne Pizza

ClawDaddy Tutta Carne Pizza – PHP 285

It’s the first time I saw an oblong shaped pizza. It was a typical thin crust all meat pizza. The cheese was more concentrated in the middle and I would have loved it more if it was all over the pizza.

Claw Daddy Crab Meat Pizza

ClawDaddy Crab Meat Pizza – PHP 245

Now it’s the second time I saw an oblong shaped pizza! Now this pizza I like! In every bite, you would get that seafood aroma thanks to the generous amounts of crab meat added. There’s a whole egg added in the middle and I have no idea how to eat it. I just made it into a dip (thinking of Papa John’s pizza) as it scattered all over the board when we started getting our share of the pizza.

Claw Daddy Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Claw Daddy Chicken Alfredo Pasta

ClawDaddy Chicken Alfredo Pasta – PHP 375

I have always wondered what’s the difference between Alfredo and Carbonara? From my observations, Alfredo usually goes with chicken (just like the above picture) while Carbonara goes with bacon. In terms of their sauces, they should be different but I’m not able to distinguish.

Now going back to ClawDaddy’s Chicken Alfredo Pasta? It was ok about it leans more on being bland in which more salt or pepper might help improve the taste?

Claw Daddy BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Claw Daddy BBQ Baby Back Ribs

ClawDaddy BBQ Baby Back Ribs – PHP 895

The baby back ribs looked normal with BBQ sauce glazed over it. It would have looked better if they placed it on the same wood board where they put the pizza. I could imagine myself chopping the ribs similar to how you see the vendors do it in the markets… oh well, if only.

Now going back to the ribs, it was tender and yummy! It’s not the best one I’ve tasted but it good enough for me to say, it’s how baby back ribs should be.

Claw Daddy Blackened Salmon

Claw Daddy Blackened Salmon

ClawDaddy Blackened Salmon – PHP 495

and now, we have the salmon. If you have read my previous posts, I have this tendency to complain on why seafood is much more expensive in Manila. In this case, I’ll tone down on my complaints as we were served a big block of salmon. Taste-wise is still the same as any salmon dish.

At ClawDaddy, we had a great filling lunch and although some of the dishes were expensive, it was good enough. Although Claw Daddy has crabs, oysters and other seafood (e.g. seafood boiling bags), we didn’t order them since we came from a seafood rich place at Iloilo, we generally skip seafood.

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Shangri-la Plaza Mall
6/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, EDSA
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
(02) 636-5679

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