Clawdaddy and New Orleans Gets Taggo-fied

Clawdaddy and New Orleans Gets Taggo-fied

ClawDaddy New Orleans

Taggo-what? I only got to know what Taggo was after I ate from four restaurants… consecutively…all in one afternoon! So I’ll return the favor to you by taking you through a food tour before introducing you to my new friend “Taggo“.

I’ll take you through the best sellers that we tried at ClawDaddy and New Orleans. These two restaurants are connected to each other at Boni High Street but each portrays a different ambiance. Clawdaddy exhibits a bright interior where you can just sit and relax; and prepare to eat with your fingers if you want while New Orleans looks to be the opposite. It was dimly lighted; like late afternoon or early evening where you can walk in a pub, order some drinks and listen to musicians playing on the stage. This was all based on my imagination so please don’t crucify me.

…and now; without any further delay… here comes the….

Food from Clawdaddy and New Orleans

Clawdaddy Oriental Salad

Clawdaddy Oriental Salad – PHP 315

Our meal started with a huge plate of salad where to be honest; I don’t know what I was eating as they have exceeded my limited salad knowledge. All I remember was the crunch!

Clawdaddy Appetizer Sampler

Clawdaddy Appetizer Sampler – PHP 760

Next up would be their appetizers where Clawdaddy has joined all their appetizer best sellers so you can try them all! We had the crunchy calamari, cheesy and bbq nachos (where I only knew it had BBQ when we reached the bottom), buffalo wings where unfortunately I wasn’t able to get, garlicky mussels that I loved eating and mozzarella balls.

Clawdaddy Seafood Boil

Clawdaddy Seafood Boil – PHP 1495

Then it came… a plastic bag filled with seafood goodness! This was my second time (if memory serves me right) to eat from a boiling bag. A mixture of crabs, mussels, clams, shrimps, corn, sausage and potatoes boiled in your choice of broth and degree of spiciness. I LOVED IT especially the broth that it came with. It tasted so fresh so you can definitely taste the seafood.

Clawdaddy Seafood Boil

A closer look… any closer and I might lick my screen.

Despite the hefty price tag, it is one dish that I’d love not to miss!

Clawdaddy Barbeque Sampler

Clawdaddy Barbeque Sampler – PHP 1495

Clawdaddy not only serves seafood but they also serve meat such as their Barbeque Sampler. Ribs (mmmm), smoked chicken (mmm), smoked sauage (mm) and shrimps (mmm) with corn and potato salad. What’s there not to like when grilled meat is served on your plate?

New Orleans Baby Back Ribs

New Orleans Baby Back Ribs (Half PHP 549 / Full PHP 1098)

Not to be outdone by Clawdaddy, New Orleans started their assault with a full rack of Baby back ribs! Sauce-wise, it was different from Clawdaddy’s BBQ version but still great none the less. If you expect your ribs to be soft, tender and easily falls of the bone then you won’t be disappointed!

New Orleans Seafood Jambalaya

New Orleans Seafood Jambalaya – PHP 435

The Seafood Jambalaya is also one of New Orlean’s pride. Unfortunately, it is not my thing so after a few spoonfuls, I resorted back to my main focus…. meat and more importantly, seafood!


Now this is the time where Clawdaddy and New Orleans’ get Taggo-fied! So what is Taggo?

Taggo is a new way for restaurants to connect and offer something back to their customers (as long as they use a mastercard credit card). Taggo would be the platform that provides the service or link between customers and restaurants (think of jive/perxclub/zap).

Using Taggo is easy. Each restaurant is given their own “fan club” where you need to join that fan club via Taggo’s interface.

For example ->

and as part of a restaurant’s fan club, you can now earn perks or rewards when you pay using your mastercard credit card. As of the moment, both restaurants offer a 10% discount off your bill. Just show your mobile number to the cashier to avail.

Personally, I like this concept as you don’t need to be online in order to avail of the perks. I have yet to try it out so I can’t judge yet on the process on how to avail.

What other restaurants already have Taggo? Search at

Disclosure: Our meal from both restaurants were sponsored.

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