Cold Rock Ice Creamery

Cold Rock Ice Creamery

Cold Rock Ice Creamery

My girlfriend won a PHP300 gift certificate for Cold Rock from Gupo which we redeemed as a dessert after our dinner from Pepper Lunch.

I saw Cold Rock in Greenbelt 3 before but I was wondering what makes them expensive. When we ate there, I did not manage to get the answer (but probably since it is imported ice cream like Gelato and Häagen-Dazs). However, I did get to see their unique way in preparing the ice cream which I will discuss in the next paragraph.

First, you will pick your ice cream and you have a choice to add some toppings (PHP25 each) and syrup (PHP12 each). After making your choice, they will…

Cold Rock Ice Creamery Preparation 1

put one scoop of ice cream to their “workstation”

Cold Rock Ice Creamery Preparation 2

mix the toppings in with the ice cream

Cold Rock Ice Creamery Preparation 3

after mixing, it will be served to you (with syrup on top of it).

and now for our orders :)

Cold Rock Ice Creamery Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter with Brownies and Chocolate Syrup – PHP 116 + PHP 25 + PHP 12

Yummy ice cream! Although the brownies have overpowered the ice in the flavor but it’s tolerable.

Cold Rock Ice Creamery Cookies and Cream

White Cookies and Cream with Caramel Square and Chocolate Syrup – PHP 116 + PHP 25 + PHP 12

The ice cream delicious but I made a mistake with the caramel square. It doesn’t go well with the ice cream because it is hard and chewy. I got stressed trying to chew it which was the opposite of the effect when you are eating ice cream. I should be enjoying the ice cream and not spending time by chewing these caramel bars. (well I love caramel so I just had to try).

Overall, We enjoyed our ice cream from Cold Rock Ice Creamery. :)

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Cold Rock Ice Creamery, Greenbelt 3
Greenbelt 3, 3/F Cinema, Paseo De Roxas cor. Perea Legaspi Vill.
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 757-6267

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