Convenience Store Fried Chicken Battles

Convenience Store Fried Chicken Battles


I’d like to start something on this blog which is to pit similar food together and rank or judge them based on personal satisfaction / preferences. Let me start with something basic; fried chicken.

Of course, trying out all the fried chicken in the metro would be a worthy challenge; I won’t be able to commit to it so I’ll add filters to lessen the selections. For this post; it would be Fried Chicken bought at convenience stores (not at fast food or restaurants or canteens etc).

So who would be the contenders?

  1. Mini-stop
  2. 7-11
  3. FamilyMart
  4. All Day (should have been the big three but when I saw that All Day also offers fried chicken; why not)

Criteria for Judging

Let me see… size of chicken and rice, taste of chicken and gravy, first look impressions and others that would pop into mind while eating the chicken.

Lastly, overall satisfaction where I would ask myself; on a normal day and I want fried chicken; would I pick this place over the others?

The Experiment

(by order of purchase)

Ministop Fried Chicken

Ministop Fried Chicken – PHP 65 / 1 piece or PHP 115 / 2 piece

With two stores near home; it was very easy to get my first contender. Uncle John’s Fried Chicken (as they call it) was certainly pleasing to look at due to the size of the chicken. The skin was breaded nicely so expect a few crunches here and there then as you go through the chicken meat; I challenge you to ensure that your rice lasts as long as your chicken.

Maybe I’m just a rice person that even before I finish the chicken skin; my rice was all gone!

Family Mart Fried Chicken

Family Mart Fried Chicken – PHP 65/1piece and 115/2piece

I had to venture a bit just to find a Family Mart stall (around two blocks) but when I approached Makati CBD; I’m seeing more Family Mart than the others. Family Mart’s chicken looked different because it wasn’t “breaded” that much so the skin was crispy instead of crunchy. It had a bigger cup of rice (which still didn’t last before the chicken) and they had a delicious butter-like gravy!

All Day Fried Chicken

All Day Fried Chicken – PHP 59/1piece and 99/2piece

A newcomer in the convenience store choices (used to be called Finds) thus it isn’t abundant. However, you can be sure that where there’s Camella lots, you will see All Day. Their fried chicken costs cheaper than the others but it comes at a cost which would be satisfaction. Despite the size of the chicken, most of it was breading and the breading wasn’t enjoyable to eat. It’s like eating fried flour; I guess it can help to have more seasonings or gravy to save it.

7-11 Fried Chicken

7-11 Fried Chicken – PHP 65/1piece and 115/piece

Despite having stores near my location; I was disappointed to know that Fried Chicken wasn’t available all the time. I had to walk and visit around 5 locations where on the last one; the cashier told me that their Fried Chicken is only available at mornings. In a way, breading felt similar to Ministop but it had a spicy kick to it. They also had the biggest gravy container!


My personal choice would be Ministop due to the size of their chicken. It was a close battle with Family Mart but if they add more gravy; I’d probably sway to their side.

Agree or disagree? Let me know what you think.

Till next time,


2 thoughts on “Convenience Store Fried Chicken Battles

  1. Carmen Watkins says:

    It’s Ministop’s fried chicken for us! The size for starters is really something else…then you bite into the crunchy flavorful goodness of the skin and the tender and juicy white meat bursting with yumminess…got me and hubby hooked into it….doesn’t hurt that the gravy is lovely as well!!!!

So what can you say? :)