Crave Burger Iloilo

Crave Burger Iloilo

Crave Burger

We spent our day by going to the different churches in Iloilo and upon returning, my stomach asked me if I can fill it with food. I answered with a big yes and had a place in mind, Crave Burger. I would pass by this restaurant and got curious on how their burgers taste like.

Crave Burger serves mostly burgers and nothing more. They do have rice meals (with burger), chicken wings and the usual burger partner which is fries. Their burger patties were 1/3 pound and they cost similar to burger king / Wendy’s but a little cheaper than Brother’s. We ordered the crave burger combo. It is composed of a burger, fries and drinks.

Crave Burger Combo

Crave Burger Combo – PHP 180

So we have the burger, fries and drinks. The twister fries given to us tasted great. It tasted similar to the fries of KFC. However, the burger was different because at my first bite, I tried hard to compare it with the other burgers I have tried but I couldn’t come up with a comparison. Let me just say that the burger was delicious and it was all thanks to their very fat patty. I wouldn’t say the mixture is 100% pure beef as I do see some spices on it but whatever they mixed into the patty, it was great. I didn’t need to add ketchup or mayonnaise to enhance the flavor.

Crave Burger Burger Focus

This was how their burger was stacked.

  • Pickle
  • Bun
  • Lettuce and Tomato
  • Patty
  • Bun

I think I have found my go-to burger joint in Iloilo City. And the good thing is, it is just 2 blocks from home. They also have a combo two that costs more but has two patties.

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Location (CLOSED):

Crave Burger Restaurant, Casa Plaza
Cor. Gen. Luna-Iznart St.
Iloilo City, Iloilo
(033) 336-4189

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