Da.U.De.Tea Lounge Lunch

Da.U.De. Tea Lounge Lunch

Da.U.De. Tea Lounge

Tea… My first impression of drinking tea was drinking hot water with mixed with trees. I never had been a tea drinker until we went on a vacation where the restaurants don’t serve house water but only house tea. I had no choice yet I don’t regret that experience because it opened my eyes to the wonders of tea drinking. In fact, I have become a regular tea drinker; be it with the usual tea bag style, restaurant house teas, and even the current craze, milk teas and its variants.

So when I received an invitation to try out Da.u.De. Tea lounge, I was really interested because of their tea-infused menu. Questions popped into my head; how can that be possible? Do they add tea leaves at each dish? They used a tea broth? Every dish comes with a tea drink? You get a free tea-shirt on every visit? Just kidding on the last question. So off we go to Da.U.De Tea Lounge to eat and drink tea!

When we went at Da.U.De, we met with Renee Sebastian (owner of Da.U.De. Tea Lounge). She told us about the history of Da.u.de., her passion for tea and how it eventually led her to open her own restaurant. What she didn’t tell us that she more than just the only certified Tea Master in the Philippines because according to Wikipedia, she’s also a singer and song writer. Wow! As she talked about teas, I realized that I have been limited in my knowledge about teas and there’s still a lot of things I have to learn.

Da.U.De. Tea Lounge Tea Choices

To start off, they offer a lot of tea variants and to know more about them, you can smell them in these tiny bottles.

Da.U.De. Tea Lounge Tea Cup

Here’s a picture of their tea cup where the tea leaves and other dried ingredients are placed (top cup). Then hot water is pour on the top cup, the waiters would then start their belt timers. Once the time is up, they would connect the two cups together and the tea would drain into the lower cup. It’s a very unique tea brewing experience.

Da.U.De. Tea Lounge Roast Pork Pho

Da.U.De. Tea Lounge Roast Pork Pho (Full) – PHP 240

Spiced tea broth, rice noodles, herbs and Roast Pork

Jessa and I had this divided into two. Crunchy roasted pork in a mild spicy soup. I really liked this especially the soup and the pork. I intentionally left the pork in the soup just to see it go all soggy but even up to the last bite, it was still crunchy! A good bang for the buck dish!

Da.U.De. Tea Lounge Crisp Pork Banh Mi Sandwich

Da.U.De. Tea Lounge Crisp Pork Banh Mi Sandwich2

Da.U.De. Tea Lounge Crisp Pork Banh Mi Sandwich – PHP 340

Crispy Sisig, Tea & Sriracha, Vegetable Slaw, Banh Mi Bun, Potato Wedges

Another delicious dish! Again, it is the pork that manages to deliver a delicious crunch that you’d like to hear over and over again. It does get a bit messy as you happily chump away with the sauce dripping but nothing a good finger licking can’t solve. I just want to add that it comes with potato wedges that even if I don’t like eating potato, I liked how they cooked it. It had the right saltiness to make it interesting to eat and make me forget I’m eating potatoes.

Da.U.De. Tea Lounge Burger

Da.U.De. Tea Lounge Burger – PHP 390

Let me tell you a secret. You won’t see this dish on their menu but the servers would gladly tell you about their secret menu and you should try it out. This was the only dish we had where the pork was overshadowed by something else; the juicy and very beefy patty. I was really glad at the order on how we tried out their dishes because it just keeps getting better and better, and this one was my favorite. Now, it’s time for dessert.

Da.U.De. Tea Lounge Mini Macaron Duo

Da.U.De. Tea Lounge Mini Macaron Duo – PHP 80

Choose two from Xaouen Rose, Mint, Dallah Earl Grey, Mangga, Skala Berry, Kape

Da.U.De. Tea Lounge Panacotta

Da.U.De. Tea Lounge Coco and Tea Panacotta – PHP 260

Another item in their secret menu. You should mix them all together for you to appreciate the real value of this dessert.

I have to say… Jessa and I really had a great tea-rific lunch at Da.U.De. Tea Lounge. I can’t wait to be back and try more of their dishes, especially the secret dishes, then finish it off with a cup or two of tea.

Disclosure: Da. U. De Tea Lounge paid for our lunch.

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da.u.de Tea Lounge
Fort Bonifacio
G/F Net Lima Bldg., 4th Ave cor 26th St
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 854-4187

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