Dakasi Milk Tea

Dakasi Milk Tea

Dakasi Milk Tea

Dakasi Milk Tea recently opened a branch at Makati and with it being so close, I knew that it was only a matter of time before I walk in and try it out. But honestly, if I haven’t read about it in other blogs, I wouldn’t have known about it so I’m thankful for the blog entries.

Let’s just say that I was successful in trying Dakasi .. not once… but twice in one day.

Last Sunday, while going to the Enterprise building, I spotted Dakasi on the ground floor of Dela Rosa Car park. I already made a mental note of its location and since the procedure that my parents and brother availed took much longer than expected, I went out and got myself something to eat / drink.

My feet carried me to Dakasi and I ordered Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea since the server said that it was their best seller. While they were preparing my order, I got to learn that their pearls only have a life expectancy of three hours. If they are not sold or consumed within that time, they are replaced with a new batch. They also have this awesome shaking machine that does that shaking for them (something new and innovative).

Dakasi Milk Tea

Upon my first sip of their bubble tea, I understood why it was their best seller and my tongue gave me a tongue’s up! It was very creamy and sweet that you would just simply sip and sip till it’s gone. The pearls were small and they do not stick together (which was a good thing). I really liked it!

My second serving was at their Trinoma branch and I had the Halo Halo Milk tea. At PHP 120, you will get to try all their sinkers and it was really good! Among the sinkers, it was the red bean that had this noticeable taste. It was like sipping through halo halo that was in liquid form. Although in terms of taste, I still liked their original bubble tea as it offered a more consistent yummy flavor.

Well, looks like I found another go to tea place near our office…

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Dakasi Milktea Dela Rosa

Carpark 1, Dela Rosa St Legazpi Village, Makati Philippines

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7 thoughts on “Dakasi Milk Tea

  1. Glad you’ve tried already. Hope you’ll try the Yakult drinks next time. :)

  2. I super love Dakasi! :) Normally I don’t order matcha milk tea from other milk tea shops, but Dakasi’s is just so good, especially with the red bean sinkers! Gah, now I’m craving >.<

  3. Hmmm. I might want to try that. So far the best milk tea I’ve tasted is Chatime’s Banana Milk Tea.

  4. I heard the competition is tough in that area. Dakasi at the bottom while Bon appeta is on top. I have yet to try the latter but I like Dakasi’s charcoal roasted and matcha too.

  5. sayang walang rock salt and cheese sa dakasi, I Could add sana sa compilation ko of rock salt and cheese drinks. one of my favorite would be the oreo rock salt and cheese of tea monkey

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