Dencio’s Bar and Grill Dinner

Dencio’s Bar and Grill Dinner


After a good game of bowling, our group was hungry and was looking for a good place to eat. We landed at Dencio’s and browsed at the group meals section of their menu. We picked two good for four meals and waited for our orders. A few minutes later, the food arrived.

Dencios Group Meal 1 Menu Dencios Group Meal 2 Menu

They have four choices for their good-for-four meals. We picked Menu 2 and Menu 4.

Menu Set Contents Price
Menu 1 Krispy Bangus Sisig, Pinakbet, Sinigang na Baboy, 2 Turon de Sorbetes, 4 Rice, Coke or Iced Tea PHP 910
Menu 2 Sizzling Tiyan ng Bangus,Krispy Sisig, Chicken Wings Inasal, 2 Turon de Sorbetes, 4 Rice, Coke or Iced Tea PHP 1015
Menu 3 4pcs Pork BBQ, Asparagus Garlic, Chicken Wings Inasal, 2 Turon de Sorbetes, 4 Rice, Coke or Iced Tea PHP 995
Menu 4 Tortang Talong w/Crabmeat, Krispy Sisig, Bulalo, 2 Turon de Sorbetes, 4 Rice, Coke or Iced Tea PHP 1025

Dencios Sizzling Tiyan ng Bangus

Sizzling Tiyan ng Bangus

Bangus Belly served in mushroom gravy. Nothing special on this one.

Dencios Crispy Sisig

Krispy Sisig

This would have saved our meal but it just made it worse. What’s with the hard and rubbery texture of the chicharon? It was prepared in front of us but it didn’t taste freshly prepared. They need to lessen or remove the chicharon on their sisig. I couldn’t remember tasting any pork on it.

Dencios Chicken Wing Inasal

Chicken Wings Inasal

This was false advertising. The picture in the menu clearly shows 4pcs per stick (2 chicken wing chopped into two) however we only got 2 pcs per stick. The taste was so-so.

Dencios Tortang Talong w Crabmeat

Tortang Talong w/Crabmeat

Eggplant with egg and a few pieces of crab meat. Not a dish everyone wanted to eat so I ate most of it. I liked crabmeat so I was excited to eat this one although it was just so-so. I think they over fried it because some parts were already crunchy.

Dencios Bulalo


I liked this as a bulalo fan. The beef was tender and had a few chunks to share. However, the soup reminded me of bulalo flavored cup noodles (too strong). Since the bowl of soup wasn’t enough for all of us, we asked for a refill and we were served another bowl of just soup for an additional PHP21.

Dencios Turon de Sorbetes

Turon de Sorbetes

Turon (banana lumpia) with a cinnamon glazing with vanilla ice cream. The turon wasn’t crunchy but the taste was ok. They should add another scoop of ice cream though.

Our dinner at Dencio’s was a disappointment. We paid around PHP2000 for food that had small servings and wasn’t enjoyable and delicious to eat. In fact, we spent more time complaining and making jokes than eating. If you plan to eat here, I suggest you avoid the group meals, reduce your ratio of viand to rice and don’t expect.


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Dencio’s Bar and Grill, Robinsons Place – Manila
Level 2 Pedro Gil Wing Robinsons Place Manila, M. Adriatico Street
Manila, Metro Manila
(02) 525-1012

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  1. I already try at dencio’s same po tayo ng favorite na dish nila ang Tortang Talong w/Crabmeat.

  2. yum…………………looks very delish, great choices of foods, affordable prices too. I am drooling too :-) Dropping some love for Food Trip Friday, hope that you can return the favor too

  3. Parang ang mahal yata dito, nothing very special sa mga dishes pero ung iba ok like the Bulalo muakgn masarap talaga.

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