Dimsum N’ Dumplings at Naia 3

Dimsum N’ Dumplings at Naia 3

October 30, 2010

On our flight back to Iloilo (a day before my sister’s birthday), we stopped by Dimsum ‘n Dumplings to put some food in our stomach as Cebu Pacific doesn’t offer free food on their flight.

Btw, I’m glad that Naia3 has a food shops where you can buy at normal prices (eg. Jolibee, Yellow Cab, Mister Donut, Ministop and many more) unlike in NAIA2 where the prices have been raised to double to triple the normal prices.

So anyway, here is what we ordered at Dimsum and Dumplings…

I ordered Chicken Mushroom Fry and Dimsum family pack. I liked the taste of the chicken mushroom fry. I wish it had more chicken than breading though.. but it was better than the Braised Beef Rice as it only had a few servings of beef on it.

For the Dimsum Family Pack, I like all the sio mai in there except for the beef siomai. It tasted weird so I forced myself to finish them.

Well that was our quick meal at Dimsum N’ Dumplings!

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Dimsum N’ Dumplings
(after you check in, just go up the escalator and you will see a bunch of restaurants and Dimsum N’ Dumplings is one of them)

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So what can you say? :)