Breakthrough Dinner Iloilo

Dining in at BreakThrough Iloilo

June 24, 2010

Another late post of mine haha :p. Do you remember my post on Tatoy’s Manokan and Seafoods where I mentioned something about Breakthrough? Well, here is the post that I wanted to post as we finally got a chance to eat at BreakThrough.

So let me show you our orders and hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed eating them.

Breakthrough Random Fish


Breakthrough ???

Let us start with this random dish that my mother, out of curiosity, ordered. All I know that it is fish with gata (coconut milk).

Breakthrough Lechon


Breakthrough Lechon

In Villa, Iloilo, you would see a lot of people selling lechon even on the streets so here’s breakthrough’s version. For me, as long as it has crispy skin (which it had), it would already be ok for me. The taste of lechon was there but nothing out of ordinary.

Breakthrough Chicken

Breakthrough Lechon Manok

This is one of their specialties, Lechon Native Chicken. Actually, one of the things I like when eating chicken in Iloilo is that they serve native chicken. Sure the chicken meat is hard to chew especially if you are not used to it and it is also smaller than the usual chicken you see but the flavor itself is unmatched. Any restaurant that serves native chicken for me is a big plus and breakthrough doesn’t disappoint in this one. As usual, I got myself the leg + thigh part and I was in heaven savoring the delicious taste. –As of writing, I could not remember both tastes so I couldn’t make a comparison on who’s chicken is better, Tatoy’s or Breakthrough.

Breakthrough Scallops Breakthrough Scallop 2

Breakthrough Scallops

Hmm scallops… I don’t have much data on my food dictionary to make a good comparison. Well, it tasted ok but a bit bland (or is it supposed to taste that way?). I guess they could change it up and add cheese just like what they do with baked mussels, oysters etc..

Breakthrough Managat Breakthrough Managat 2

Breakthrough Managat (Red Snapper?)

Instead of ordering boneless bangus (which I know is pretty common), this is what we ordered instead. Just look at it and you will already get an idea that it is juicy and once you eat it, you will taste how delicious it is. This is a must order when you are planning to eat at Breakthrough, end of sentence. LoL

Breakthrough Crab Meat Breakthrough Crab Meat 2

Breakthrough Sizzling CrabMeat

It didn’t arrive in a “sizzling” way but it is on a sizzling plate. This one is my favorite in Breakthrough. Heavy servings of crab meat, (green peas which I removed), and a bit of spicyness to make you eat more rice. This is usually my reason on why I ask my parents to eat at Breakthrough. This is also one of the dishes I miss in Iloilo because here in Manila, crab meat is so expensive. Yummy!

Other orders you might also like in Breakthrough

  • Oysters (talaba)
  • Nylon shell
  • Boneless Bangus
  • Squid (pusit)

This is one my recommended places to eat in Iloilo so make sure to have it in your list.

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Barangay Sto. Niño Norte, Arevalo
Iloilo, Iloilo

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