Dining out at Recipes by Cafe Metro

Dining out at Recipes by Cafe Metro

April 10, 2010

On a first time date in Shangri-La Edsa, we decided to have our dinner here at Recipes by Cafe Metro. Recipes has a Filipino cuisine menu and known for their General’s Chicken, Gising Gising, Crispy Tilapia and Spicy Squid (these were the ones that had pictures in their menu). I remember the last time we ate at Recipes (in Greenbelt 3), we ordered 3 viands and rice but this time, we ordered less as we were not that hungry. Here is what we ordered.

Recipe’s Generals Chicken = PHP205.00

At first glance you would notice that this is a combination of chicken and eggplant cuts. The chicken has this sweet and spicy taste and is a bit hard (crunchy at times).

Recipes Gising Gising = PHP160.00

I’m not really a big fan of vegies but their gising gising is really good. It is like chopped vegies then add some meat and coconut milk (gata) and then some spicy making ingredients and you now get the gising gising. What makes this good is that you won’t realize from the taste that you are eating vegetables but all you will taste is the spicyness, coconut milk and something crunchy (vegetables).

Recipes Seafood Fried Rice = PHP115.00

We always get this rice as it is already good as a viand itself. It has a few seafood bits here and there (squid, fish) and tastes good.

Their prices has increased to PHP30- PHP50 more from the last time we ate here but still the taste remained the same. It is a good try to eat here once in a while where you can have a full meal for two for less than PHP600.

Note: They have service charge.

Shangri-La Plaza
EDSA corner Shaw Boulevard Mandaluyong City Philippines

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  1. I always thought gamay serving nila sang food :p

  2. Thank you , I’ll have to subscribe your site and read the rest I think. The first date my wife and I had nearly 20 years ago now was a lovely seafood restaurant in Napoli, so I’ve been spending ages trying to rediscover a decent grilled lobster recipe like we had that night – our anniversary is next month so I’m hoping to surprise her!

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