Shakey’s Dine Out

Dining out at Shakey’s

Shakey's Super Platter Meal

February 19, 2010.

It was just any ordinary Friday evening at the office when we decided to eat out and we landed at Shakey’s. At first, I did not have my camera with me but I thought of the opportunity to take pictures so I ran all the way back to the office after ordering food. Actually I should not have ran because when I returned, I was starting to feel sweaty and our food has not yet arrived.

So anyway, let’s move on with our orders…

Shakey's Cheese Pizza

Because it was Friday (abstinence due to Lenten season), one of us ordered a cheese pizza (white pizza I guess?). I really did not get the name but it simply a cheese pizza.

Shakey's Bunch of Lunch

However, for us hungry folks, we ordered Bunch of Lunch and Super Platter meals (the first picture of this post is the super platter meal). I wasn’t really hungry then so Bunch of Lunch was enough for me.

The Shakey’s Bunch of Lunch contains pasta, 1pc. chicken, 1 pc. haiwaian pizza and garlic bread while the Shakey’s Super Platter Meal has additional salad and mojos.

Shakeys mojo

We also got to avail an order of Mojos (something unique to Shakey’s) due to peer pressure on one of our officemates (he has fallen victim to pressure).

Shakey's Bunch of Lunch

Lastly, I also ordered Shakey’s version of chocolate milkshake because I saw one of my officemates before ordering this and I got jealous. Happy to say, I liked the milk shake and my only complain was it wasn’t enough for me (I was happily drinking it when I realized I was sucking air already).

It was a good dinner experience but it also made me realize that I can’t remember a time where I have ordered something else from Shakey’s aside from the usual Super Platter Meal or Bunch of Lunch. I guess this calls for a come back to Shakey’s soon to try out their pizzas and pasta.

Well, what can you say about Shakey’s when you compare it with other restaurants?

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