Dinner at Aling Tonyas at the Seaside Dampa

Dinner at Aling Tonyas at the Seaside

Last February, I was invited by Diosa to go with her to join her mini-reunion with her college friends. The location was in Seaside Macapagal at the Aling Tonya’s Restaurant.

February 26, 2010

Just a mini info, Seaside is better known as “dampa”. When you say “Dampa“, it is a place where you will see a market that sells fresh seafoods, meat, pork, beef and vegetables and it will be surrounded by restaurants that will offer to cook the food for you. Basically, you will buy from the market (you can ask the restaurant to buy it for you or you can go with them) then give it to the restaurant and they will cook it for you for a fee of course. Since they measure their items per kilo, it is best that you eat there when you are in groups as it will be very expensive if you are just few.

It is a big advantage for you if you know to go to market because you can choose your food rather than rely on the restaurant’s crew to do it for you. Unluckily for us, we did not know much on how to pick so we just followed our guide.

So here was our menu.

Butter Garlic Shrimp
I liked this one. Fresh shrimp (although some are not that fresh) with a delicious sauce. Usually I hate removing the skin/shell from shrimps but thanks to the sauce, it is tolerable because it’s finger licking good

Calamares with Mayo
Is it just me or anything I eat with mayo becomes a great dish? I maybe biased on Mayo but if it is put on fish, squid or sometimes shrimp, I automatically give it a double thumbs up! Although the calamares itself was good but for me to eat with rice, the mayo should be there (required!).

Baked Green Shells with Cheese
For this one, I wasn’t that impressed. It wasn’t cheesy enough for me unlike when I eat the one from Krocodile Grille. But with their addition of garlic, it was helping out the lack of cheesiness.

Lapu Lapu
In terms of presentation, I give this a A+! Where is the fish? Well, it is covered with colorful tomato, onions and I don’t know green things, and with a second layer of mayo, then you have the fish. Once again, it has mayo so nothing left for me to say else I’ll be very biased again… oh mayo…

This is a special order for their friend that doesn’t eat seafood. Just a typical liempo cooking, nothing special.

So that was our menu… notice that I did not touch the vegetables (the first pic), I don’t even know what it is called (I saw that in the menu but I forgot).

Photo notes: I guess the Lumix ZS3 is not really a good camera for low light situations. If I raise the ISO too much, it becomes grainy so I really have to resort to using flash.

It is right on Diosdado Macapagal.

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So what can you say? :)