Cafe Leona Dinner at Vigan

Dinner at Cafe Leona, Vigan

Ilocos Cafe Leona

August 21, 2010

After a day of touring Vigan and we were now looking for a place to eat. However, a sudden downpour made us all run and decided quickly on a place and we landed on Cafe Leona in Vigan, Ilocos.

Just like the other buildings in Vigan, Cafe Leona has this “spanish” look into it and if you are a movie director, the place would be a good setting for those Spanish era movies. Since it was night, you can imagine some ghost stories and the atmosphere color should be more or less yellow/orange. Anyway, going to the food, when we saw the menu, there was a part that says Vigan Specialties so that was what was ordered.


Well, nothing to start your meal with hot soup right? I forgot if this was Corn and Egg soup? or Crab and Corn? Nothing extra ordinary on this one.

Cafe Leona Morcon

Think of morcon as a beef roll where it is mixed with other ingredients like egg, green peas, carrots etc. I remember eating this one when I was young and this is good to eat for breakfast. The taste was just so-so on this one so let’s move on.

Cafe Leona Pinakbet

Look at the picture and tell me what do you think is missing? Well, I learned that the original pinakbet from Ilocos do not add squash in the mix. Adding of squash is something that those cooking pinakbet outside of Ilocos started. For me, pinakbet is a mixture of vegetables with bagoong (shrimp paste). As much as I do not like eating vegetables, I had to try it out to see if there’s any difference in the tagalog version and well, it still tasted like vegetables for me.

Cafe Leona Bangus

I’m not sure if this was a specialty but when I learned that it is not 100% boneless, I was disappointed. I guess I was fond of Iloilo’s way of offering bangus which was usually boneless and they do it for free. On this one, nothing extra ordinary.

Cafe Leona Bagnet

When I was first saw this, I was wondering why does it have a different name ? It really looks like “Lechon Kawali” but with a different sauce for you to dip. Well, to satisfy my curiosity and for the benefit of the readers, bagnet is really similar to Lechon Kawali in looks but the preparation is much more longer.

They are using the same type of cut in the pork (three layers composed skin, fat and pork). They are both being deep fried but for the bagnet, you will not stop deep frying it until you see bubbles start to form on the skin and the color of the fat starts to blend in with the skin and the pork. (Note that for lechon kawali, usually the color of the fat is still white). It should be very crunchy and would be a challenge for those who have weak teeth to eat.

Well, the bagnet from Cafe Leona is not like what was defined above so because the skin wasn’t that crispy, the fat was still white colored and it tasted more like “Lechon Kawali” so not good. :(

So that’s all we ate. It was a filling meal but it lacked something special that would make us want to go back over and over again. Still, since the food was free (thanks Old man hehe), who am I to complain? Belated Happy Birthday :D

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Cafe Leona,

Mena Crisologo St, Vigan, Luzon, Philippines

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