Emerald Garden Dinner

Emerald Garden Dinner

Emerald Garden Dinner

June 4, 2011

Since my parents and grandma were in Manila, my mother suggested that we all dine out since we rarely do that nowadays (only in New Year for the family reunion). We were to Emerald Garden, a famous Chinese restaurant in Roxas Boulevard.

There are two branches there which are just adjacent to each other. We learned that one branch only serves dimsum while the other one is the restaurant.

So let me present to you our orders. (Note: The name of the dishes below won’t be their actual names because I forgot to take note of their names. The receipt was not helpful also).

Emerald Garden Pata tim

Emerald Garden Pata Tim

My grandfather’s eyes lit up the moment this got served to our table. I can say that the pork leg was delicious. The meat was soft enough and once again, I try to not mind the pig fat that comes with it. Others added it to a cuapao to make a “sandwich” but I prefer to mix it with rice. My only complaint that it smells funny; perhaps it is the bamboo shoots or some herbs.

Emerald Garden Spinach Soup

Emerald Garden Spinach Soup

One of my favorite soups to order in Chinese restaurants aside from Sharks fin soup or fish lip soup. A healthy soup without the taste of vegetables which I’m sure even kids would like.

Emerald Garden Beef with Brocolli

Emerald Garden Beef with Brocolli2

Emerald Garden Beef with Brocolli

Stir-fry beef with brocolli. Another personal favorite of mine but I didn’t like the beef very much. It may be the beef itself or the way it was cooked.

Emerald Garden Fried Chicken

Emerald Garden Fried Chicken 2

Emerald Garden Fried Chicken

This is a very general dish (nothing chinese about it) but it was delicious! I liked the taste of their chicken.

Emerald Garden Shrimp

Emerald Garden Shrimp 2

Emerald Garden Shrimp (Fried lumpiang shrimp?)

Think of this as a cheaper version of tempura but with more shrimp inside. Dip it in ketchup and you are good to go.

Emerald Garden Steamed Lapu Lapu

Emerald Garden Steamed Lapu Lapu 2

Emerald Garden Steamed Lapu Lapu

This order is one of the common orders I usually see when we eat at Chinese restaurants. It is simply steamed fish in soy sauce but it is very expensive here in Manila. Nothing special on this one.

We enjoyed our meal here in Emerald especially since we were with people whom we haven’t seen for a while (grandparents). I was rushing my meal because I was excited to see my newly detailed car but that did not stop me from eating till I was full.

I was also trying out my food price guessing skills and told my mother that the pata tim was the most expensive one. I was also saying that servings were very big and this was a good place to eat (getting your moneys worth). But that changed when the bill arrived. The pata tim actually was one of the cheaper dishes at PHP500+ while most of the dishes cost around PHP700 each! So I quickly recalled my statement to my mother. They are not cheap!

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Emerald Garden, Ermita
Roxas Blvd., Ermita
Manila, Metro Manila
(02) 523-8510

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5 thoughts on “Emerald Garden Dinner

  1. Spinach soup FTW! I don’t usually eat tofu but I did with this soup. One of the veggie dishes I could actually eat.

  2. Wow, pata tim, my favorite! I haven’t tried Shrimp Lumpia, but, it looks very appetizing! =)

  3. Hi Allen!
    We love Emerald Garden. It’s our fave restaurant every time my MIL arrives from Australia every six months. I agree, prices are not cheap but we love it there!
    Btw, what’s the latest with MD? :)

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