Dinner at Italiannis

Dinner at Italiannis

Oct 27, 2010

One fine evening where my parents are here in Manila, we ate out in Italiannis for dinner. We went to the Italiannis branch in Greenbelt. This has a better ambiance and location if you compare it to the one in Glorietta. However, will that ambiance difference also result in price difference (similar to House of Minis if you compare the prices between Glorietta and Greenhills branches)?

I failed to taste the different dishes we ordered so I can just show you pictures. :(

Free Bread while you wait yey!

Italiannis Shakes

Italiannis Herb Roasted Chicken = 531.25

Italiannis pepper fish = 513.39

Italiannis beef tenderloin = 888.39

Italiannis us angus sirloin = PHP 1334.82

Italiannis roast pork ribs = 352.68

Italiannis white snapper = 441.96

Overall, the experience was good. We had a nice ambiance in the place however the only downside is the price. Just look at their prices especially the beef dishes. As someone who wants to make sure that what he eats is “bang for the buck” then this place wouldn’t just cut it. Just enjoy the pictures and apologies for not being able to taste (thus to review them).

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Italianni’s Restaurant, Greenbelt 2
G/F Greenbelt 2, Estrella St., Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila

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