Krazy Garlik Dinner

Dinner at Krazy Garlik

Krazy Garlik

November 29, 2010

Had a chance to dine in Krazy Garlik due to the free dessert my office mate gave me (the coupon will expire on November 30, 2010) so it would be a waste not to use it right? You just need to spend around PHP500 to get a free creamy cataluna. With their prices, that would be a piece of cake.

Krazy Garlik is a place where all their dishes have garlic in them. They show you lots of information about garlic like their health benefits and the different kinds of garlic. So what will you expect if you will eat here? Well, you will gain all those benefits from eating garlic and also a temporary force field against vampires or even other people when you start talking. Let’s start the feast shall we.

Krazy Garlik Garlic Rice

Krazy Garlik Garlic Rice

I don’t usually feature rice so I don’t know why I put this up. Their rice really tasted good minus the thought that it was very oily. Would it still be a healthy option?

Krazy Garlik Gambas Las Palmas

Krazy Garlik Gambas Las Palmas

Krazy Garlik Gambas Las Palmas – PHP 365

This was supposed to be our appetizer but it tasted delicious that it would be a shame just to eat it on its own. The shrimps were OK but the special thing here would be the sauce. We can’t get enough of it even though if it was just tomato sauce with garlic. But this was a bit pricey given that you only get around eight (8) pcs of shrimp for its price.

Krazy Garlik Garlicky Crispy Pata

Krazy Garlik Garlicky Crispy Pata

Krazy Garlik Garlicky Crispy Pata – PHP 585

The main course! This one was a steal because even if we just ordered this one, all three of us would have been satisfied to the serving size and the flavor. The meat was tender enough that even without dipping it into the sauce, it tasted great. The skin was crispy just like how you expect it to be. The bone? Well, it did not have much “unhealthy temptations” on it but it did not stop me from dropping my poise and eating it using my fingers. I believe this is one of their best sellers because when I checked the other tables, I see the same dish too.

Krazy Garlik Crema Catalana

Krazy Garlik Crema Catalana – PHP 195

Here is our dessert, the freebie I got from the coupon. So they call this Creme Bulee (I’m not really good at sweets). All I can say that this also good, it was sweet with a crunchy top layer. However, you might be surprised sometimes that you will be eating some garlic with it (see those rock like things in the picture? those are the garlic). So if you simply want sweets, avoid them but if you want to end your meal with garlic breath, by all means, dig in. I did! :)

Overall, I liked the experience here in Krazy Garlik. It was a unique dining experience but a bit pricey. Hope they will give complementary mint candies after meals for people who still have places to go after eating. :)

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Krazy Garlik, Greenbelt 5
2/Lvl. Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila

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