Mesa Restaurant Dinner

Dinner at Mesa


2014Update – Prices updated on 2014 prices.

Today’s dinner was a mini family get together which was sponsored by our Aunt. The place where we ate was in Mesa (located at Greenbelt 5, Makati). Mesa is a fine dining restaurant serving Filipino Cuisine. :)

So let’s get on to business which of course is the food pictures (plus minor comments).

Mesa Hito Flakes in Spoon

Mesa Hito Flakes in Spoon – PHP 195
Crispy pulled sandwich with mango salad

Hito = catfish. A cruncy appetizer with a mini-spicy taste. I wasn’t able to distinguish the flavor of “hito” here but I’m not sure how you can do it since you will just be feeling the crunch.

Mesa Baby Squid in Olive Oil

Mesa Baby Squid in Olive Oil – PHP 310
Sauteed in olive oil and seasoned with garlic and laurel

I liked this one. Imagine eating squid but this time they are much more soft and juicy. I was just wondering why they had to specify that this one is cooked using olive oil, does that mean they don’t use olive oil for other food? (Updated 2014: Deleted that question hehe)

Mesa Asparagus Tips

Mesa Asparagus Tips – PHP 190
Fresh Asparagus with our fermented sauce topped with toasted garlic

I’m not a fan of veggies so I ate only one. Moving on… lol

Mesa Chicken Pork Adobo

Mesa Chicken Pork Adobo – PHP 205
A Filipino favorite of chicken and pork stewed in soy vinegar and anato

I did not know this was adobo (was expecting a different color) until I tasted it. The taste is ok but nothing extra ordinary.

Mesa Kare-Kare

Mesa Kare-Kare – PHP 405
Ox tail and fresh vegetables cooked in rich creamy peanut sauce

Mesa Braised Beef

Mesa Braised Beef – PHP 305
Beef Stewed in a tasty sesame sauce

This one is good although it needs more beef. They mixed beef and a lot of those rubbery stuffs (Litid?). They did not like this very much and was expecting something more so I grabbed the opportunity to get bigger servings.

Mesa Sinigang na Salmon Head

Mesa Sinigang na Salmon Head – PHP 260
Salmon head simmered in tamarind broth and fresh local vegetables

It was good (I’m biased towards any sinigang cooking). I couldn’t comment on the taste of salmon because the server who divided the servings gave me a salmon eye for my salmon serving.

Mesa Turon with Ice Cream

Mesa Turon with Ice Cream

Jackfruit (Langka) flavored ice cream and triangle shaped turon (banana wrapped in a spring roll then fried). [the focus of the camera was on the ice cream)

Mesa Buko Pandan

Mesa Buko Pandan

I forgot the longer name of this dessert but to make it more familiar, we call it buko pandan. The buko flavored ice cream and the pandan gelly has coconut strips on it.


I liked the food but it is pricey. On my next visit, my target will be their specialty which is the Crispy Lechon where they slice it similar to the way they like roast duck on some Chinese restaurants (you get lechon strips with skin, fat and pork).

Make sure you book reservations because this place gets full at dinner time (signs of good food ^_^ ).

Mesa, Greenbelt 5
G/F Greenblet 5, Legaspi St. Legaspi Village
Makati City, Metro Manila

**All shots taken by Lumix ZS3 – Still learning how to get good quality shots of food.

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