Mojave Grill and Steakhouse Dinner

Dinner at Mojave Grill and Steakhouse

Mojave Grill and Steakhouse

I saw this steakhouse before and I was curious on how their steak tastes so I asked our family to eat here at one time and really I was surprised.

March 29, 2010

Mojave Grill and Steakhouse is located at Smallville, Diversion Road, in Iloilo. Smallville has been the hangout of people during nighttime and it also houses different restaurants with different cuisines (I can remember Thai, seafoods, Japanese buffet and perhaps many more where I have not gone to yet).

Here is their menu (now here is where I also got surprised).

Photo Notes: How do I remove that white light spot in the middle of the picture? I used flash because it was dark and my camera is weak against dark surroundings.

Mojave Menu 1 Mojave Menu 2

Do you now understand why I got surprised? Well, if not, I got surprised because it was very expensive! I did not realize that the prices would be this high for a steak house in Iloilo. It is a good thing I wasn’t paying this meal else I’ll be bankrupt in just one meal. A big thanks for my father for shouldering this meal at Mojave Grill and Steakhouse

Mojave Popcorn Maker
While we were ordering, we were given complimentary popcorn where you can ask for refills. When we went inside (we were seated outside of the restaurant because there’s no table big enough to fit us there), we saw their popcorn maker.

So we proceeded to order and a bit later, they showed us what our orders looked like, raw. I took a picture for reference and you can see them below.
Mojave Raw Steak Mojave Raw Steak 2


I could not distinguish which one is which but I know all four of those steaks is their on their U.S. Certified Angus Beef menu (Cowboy Steak, Porter House, T-Bone and Rib-eye). We opted not to order the Cowboy Steak as it doesn’t look big enough when raw and since they shrink when they get cooked, just imagine it’s size and also, it is the most expensive one. We will now go to our food one by one.

Mojave Salad

Mojave Salad
I forgot which salad is this. I only ate one lettuce. That’s enough servings for me ;) hehe

Mojave Country Fried Chicken

Mojave Country Fried Chicken – PHP 215
This one tasted good. Crispy chicken skin and juicy chicken meat plus their gravy. The juiciness of fried chicken really makes a difference in tastes.

Mojave Barbequed Cajun Salmon 1

Mojave Barbequed Cajun Salmon
It tastes like salmon however my only comment here is that I don’t find the BBQ sauce complimenting the salmon taste. That is just my personal preference but others may like it.

Mojave Rib-Eye Steak

Mojave Rib-Eye – PHP1450

Mojave T-Bone Steak

Mojave T-Bone – PHP1250

Mojave PorterHouse

Mojave PorterHouse – PHP1450

These three steaks were delicious. The slices were thicker than what I use to eat but it is still soft and juicy. I always request that our steak be cooked Medium-Well so that it won’t be colored brown and still retain its tenderness. If I were to rank the steaks, I would rank them in this order : T-Bone > Rib-Eye > Porterhouse. T-Bone for the win!

Mojave seafood bucket

Mojave Seafood Bucket
I just made up this name because I forgot what they call it. It is not on their regular menu so pardon me for this. Actually I did not expect this order as we though we only had those items above so my stomach wasn’t prepared for this at all. So I just managed to eat one shrimp :(

So there you have it. Our dinner on Mojave Steak House and Grill.

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Mojave Grill and Steakhouse

The Avenue Complex, 5000 Iloilo City, Philippines
(033) 329 5616

Iloilo City,

On the map below, you will see Mojave at the place on the lower left called Avenue.

Restaurant by Location:


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  1. i was checking for mojave’s menu good thing you posted the pictures for the steaks they are using…its expensive coz they carry the Certifief Angus Beef Trademark…=)

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