Dinner at World Chicken

Dinner at World Chicken

June 18, 2010

One random night we headed out to World Chicken near our office for a quick dinner. If you are new to World Chicken, here is a three step guide on how to order from World Chicken (you can also some of their chicken dishes if you don’t want to order via this style).

  • Step 1 – Decide whether you are hungry (2 sidings) or you just want to try it out (1 siding).
  • Step 2 – Pick what sauce complements your mood today
  • Step 3 – Pick the side kicks (sidings) of your world chicken
  • Step 4 – Pay up

Easy right? Regarding the food, I could say that it is delicious. The chicken was tenderly soft but you could not see (ok, just a little) burnt outer layer on it and I think it doesn’t have chicken skin (or I did not notice due to the sauce and hunger). For my sidings, I picked rice and pasta and I had cheese as my sauce. It is a good meal but it leaves you wanting more after you finish it up.

Here are some pics

World Chicken’s tag-line says, “Be good to your heart.. eat grilled” is nice to hear because we can break-away from the usual fried chicken we usually eat at fast food restaurants. Now, if only they can price their food much lower because for a chicken fillet, it is a bit pricey.

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World Chicken

2nd Level, KPMG Center
6787, Ayala Ave.
Makati, Metro Manila

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3 thoughts on “Dinner at World Chicken

  1. ayos. want to try this.

    • Try it once and you are solved. The main ingredient is the same and it will depend how you mix and match on your future orders.

  2. super nakakabusog. i only order the chicken with 1 siding, sometimes I don’t get to finish it pa :)

So what can you say? :)