Dole Banana Morning Motto Contest

Dole Banana Morning Motto Contest

Dole Banana Morning Motto Silkenhut

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I love bananas! When I’m doing my groceries and I’m looking for fruits, bananas would always be on top of my list. I would be picking the “lakatan” variant or the Cavendish Bananas by Dole. They are easy to eat and they are filling. They are an excellent source of fiber so they help in bowel movement. Also, when I exercise, I would always look for a banana for my post workout food as bananas contain potassium! Since bananas are fruits, they can also be a good source of Vitamin C for you.

After that short intro about Bananas’, let me share with you a contest that’s related to Bananas.

Dole Banana Morning Motto Contest

Promo period is from Aug 5 to September 4, 2011

The mechanics are very easy.

Dole Banana Morning Motto Page

  1. Purchase a Dole Banana (I suggest the Cavendish)
  2. Write down your morning motto on your Dole Banana.
  3. Take a picture of your banana with the motto and the Dole Logo Sticker
  4. On Facebook, like the Dole Fresh Philippines Fanpage.
  5. Click on the Banana Morning Motto Application on the left side or just click the link.
  6. Install the application and go through some introductory pages (such as the terms and Mechanics)
    Dole Banana Morning Motto Mechanics
  7. Upload your photo that you took on step # 3.

Your picture will be included in the Banana Morning Motto gallery.

Dole Banana Morning Motto Gallery

and ask your friends to like your photo ! :)

So what are the prizes? I thought you would never ask.

Dole Banana Morning Motto Prizes

You can win the following:

  • 10 sessions of Zumba Classes
  • Executive Massage Gift Certificate from The Spa (I like!!!)

For more information, please check out their FAQ (Frequently Asked Pages).

So what are you waiting for? Buy some bananas as the supermarket or your nearest 7-11 store, and join the Dole Banana Morning Motto contest and please “like” my entry ok? :)

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So what can you say? :)