Don Henrico’s Lunch

Don Henrico’s Lunch

Don Henrico’s Lunch

Don Henrico’s would be my first meal after coming back to Manila for year 2013! Jessa and I were checking out the new restaurants that have opened in Glorietta 1 and we were discussing what we wanted to eat: something light, not rice, pizza? and we landed at Don Henrico’s.

Don Henrico's Summer Salad

Don Henrico’s Summer Salad – PHP 245

Having a diet composed of leafy greens and fruits is a great way to start the year right. The summer salad was loaded with fruits (grapes, kiwi, mandarin oranges, mangoes) instead of the usual chicken BBQ. The dressing was strawberry vinaigrette. I couldn’t ask for a more tasty and healthy salad than this. You should definitely try this out when you visit Don Henrico’s.

Don Henrico's Supreme Pizza

Don Henrico's Supreme Pizza

Don Henrico’s Supreme Pizza – PHP 290

When eating at a pizza place for the first time, I would always order the pizza that bears the name of the place. The supreme pizza was loaded with pineapples, ham, bell pepper, pepperoni, olives and mushrooms. The crust was in the middle of thin crust and normal crust. The ingredients all worked together to give you a burst of different flavors at each bite. Even the edges (kind of toasted so it was crunchy) weren’t spared from my hunger as I gobbled up my share slice after slice.

Don Henrico's Dulce De Leche

Don Henrico's Dulce De Leche

Don Henrico’s Dulce De Leche – PHP 170

We would have wanted a different dessert but it wasn’t available during that time. Upon asking the waitress on their other best sellers, she recommended Dulce De Leche. It was a cheesecake topped with Dulce De Leche, whipped cream and chocolate. Sad to say that we didn’t like this dessert very much. The cream cheese tasted like eating a bar of cheese straight from the refrigerator.

Although dessert wasn’t what we expected, we still fulfilled our cravings that day. The summer salad alone is worth a trip back to Don Henrico’s.

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Don Henrico’s
Glorietta 1
2/F Glorietta 1, South Dr
Ayala Center, Makati
(02) 511-1542

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16 thoughts on “Don Henrico’s Lunch

  1. It’s been a decade since I last ate there. Perhaps because it didn’t leave a good impression. I should try it again sometime.

  2. haven’t tried Don Hen. ever.

  3. I’d like to experience and taste the food here at Don Henrico’s.

  4. Rica Rodriguez says:

    I LOVE Don Henricos in Tomas Morato. Food’s great especially their pizza plus it’s very near our place. :D

  5. I really love and like to try and taste Don Henrico’s Pizza.. it’s been a plan before but always ending up always either Greenwich or Pizza Hut… My Curiosity is being lifted again… soon Don Henrico’s, We will visit you… :-D

    • Ah yes, you should broaden your choices on pizza places (eg. dominoes, papa john’s, don henrico’s, a veneto). You might also enjoy them too. :)

  6. I really wanna try their pizza :) especially the supreme pizza and the summer salad too :) It all looks yummy :) thanks for this review :D

  7. I have yet to try their eat-all-you-can promo but I made a vow to have this done before the end of 2013. I am planning to do this by November, before I run 25k for New Balance Power Run. It’s carboloading time!

  8. I attented a birthday party of my husband’s nephew in Don Henrico’s Pizza.i love their pizza and pasta ..i eat different flavor of pizza and pasta they all good..

  9. I haven’t tried to eat there but I like to try and experience the food there…and it is popular…

  10. Mica Ella de Jesus says:

    I’ve tried Don Henrico’s already and sad to say that WE didn’t like the taste even though there is a promo when we visited the restaurant.

  11. Rhozallino Ramones says:

    I never tried eating Don Henrico’s Hope to visit their store soon.

  12. i would like to try the Don Henrico’s Supreme Pizza,i love pizza

  13. Ma. Eddielli R. Bungay says:

    I remember during my teenage years, our family used to dine at Don Henrico’s West Avenue branch and the food is so SULIT! Big servings and so many food choices! But their eat all you can promo is an exemption. Di na sila masyadong masarap! Too bad!

So what can you say? :)