Dragon Wok Dinner

Dragon Wok Dinner

Dragon Wok

Update: Dragon Wok has Closed

Dragon Wok was a restaurant I saw while randomly roaming around Park Square in Makati. It had a poster of its menu near the entrance from the parking lot and the prices I saw made me want to try it out. When we were again in the area (hunting for a microphone for my newly bought Kumyoung Vivaus Mini). We were the only customers in the restaurant at that time and that made me wonder why? Are they a bad restaurant? or they just have a bad location (not something you can easily spot). Well, we will let our satisfaction on our meal decide.

Dragon Wok Baked Tahong

Baked Tahong – PHP 154

This was supposed to be our appetizer but our orders arrived simultaneously. As I gaze at the picture now while writing this post, two words come into mind… Garlic Cheese. They were very generous with their toppings that you wouldn’t notice much the taste of the meat. In fact, the only thing that reminds me that we were eating tahong was the chewy texture.

Dragon Wok Camaron

Shrimp Camaron – PHP 253

The batter they used was yummy! It has its own taste where you don’t need to rely on adding ketchup.

Dragon Wok Mapo Tofu

Mapo Tofu – PHP 170

I suggested that we get this one. They had bigger blocks of tofu compared to the orders I’ve tried but the taste was still similar. It was spicy and had ground pork as its partner.

I’m glad that we ate here while we were hungry because we had a lot of food and our stomachs got very full. The prices weren’t too heavy on the wallet and the food was great! I’ll coming here again soon!

Lastly, they have a 10% discount on all orders and there’s no service charge.

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Location: (CLOSED)

Dragon Wok, Park Square
Park Square 1
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 818-1016


So what can you say? :)