Dunkin Donuts with Derek Ramsey

Dunkin Donuts with Derek Ramsey

Dunkin Donuts with Derek Ramsey7

Last week, I received an invite to an event at Dunkin Donuts and guess who was there? It was the new face of Dunkin Donut’s, the sporty Derek Ramsey! Initially I found it hard to believe that they would pick Derek because he’s very fit and sporty so I’m sure he’s watching his diet. However, that changed when we saw him devour donuts and savoring every bite of it. Dunkin Donuts has this irresistible charm to him and Derek Ramsey loves his Dunkin Donuts!

He told us a story of how he got acquainted with Dunkin Donuts. (I’ll try to retell from memory).  They were young back then and was at a Dunkin Donut store. They saw that the store was about to throw-away the unsold donuts and they politely asked if they can have it instead. That’s how Derek had his first taste of Dunkin Donuts and they would return there on a daily basis… and years later, he turned into Dunkin Derek!

Going back to the present, Dunkin Donuts and Derek Ramsey introduced us to the promos that they currently have for this love month.

  1. PHP 199 only for a dozen of Dunkin Donuts Classics – Until Feb 10 (1 day to go)
  2. 2 special Valentine’s Day themed boxes: Dunkin Hearts and Premium Donuts Valentine Box

Dunkin Donuts - Dunkin Hearts

Dunkin Hearts

Dunkin Donuts - Premium Donuts Valentine Box

Premium Donuts Valentine Box

I also learned two things about Dunkin Donuts that day:

Dunkin Donuts - Muffins

They now serve Muffins (Muffin Overload)! I have the Banana Mocha Oats and it was really good!

Dunkin Donuts - Premium Collection

Also, I also learned that they have Premium Donuts which would rival those of Krispy Kreme or JCo. I’m glad they didn’t stop innovating else they will get behind the other donut shops.

There’s Only Dunkin’ Donuts for me”, Derek Ramsey.

Disclosure: Dunkin Donuts paid for our meal

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PS: With the ending of my Chubby Chicken Giveaway, guess what giveaway is next. :)


Dunkin Donuts
GDI Bldg, Sheridan St
Highway Hills, Mandaluyong
(02) 470-8101

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6 thoughts on “Dunkin Donuts with Derek Ramsey

  1. i only order strawberry filled and choco honey dipped from DD.

  2. I love DD’s Bavarian! :) That’s why I was sooo fat back in college.

  3. I always order Boston Creme whenever I get a chance to drop by a Dunkin Donuts kiosk. THis is one of my simple joys. Glad to know that they now have premium donuts available :)

  4. i love boston creme,and derek ramsey is handsome donut model.

  5. maricris abarabar says:

    I love bavarian mas naging love ko nong si Derek na ang endorser nila, good choice..

  6. never seen a star that close. must have been fun

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