Early Breakfast at Bulaluhan sa Espana

Early Breakfast at Bulalohan sa Espana

Bulaluhan sa Espana


June 6, 2010

After running (walking) a 6KM fun run, we were tired and hungry so we thought of going to Bulalohan sa Ramirez but when we arrived there, it was still closed (around 8am) so they suggested that we eat at Bulaluhan sa Espana (España). It was raining pretty hard when we arrived there but that did not stop us from eating and trying to satisfy our hunger.


Bulaluhan sa Espana Food Choices

Bulaluhan sa Espana has a similar structure to Bulaluhan sa Ramirez. Their specialty is Bulalo where you have two types; Regular would be the sinigang style (tamarind) soup with pork leg (pata) while the Special would be the one with beef and bone marrow. They also have other dishes that you can just point to order (Turo-turo) and some inihaw (grilled) like catfish and liempo (pork belly).

However, just a word of caution, while checking out their food dishes we noticed that there were flies flying inside and the attendant was not paying attention. The fly landed on some of their viands and that instantly became do-not-order dish for us. The sad thing is, we do not know if those flies have already landed in all of their dishes so this a big thumbs down because of sanitary issues.

Anyway, moving to their food, we ordered the Regular Bulalo and two viands (beef steak tagalog and sweet and sour bangus (milkfish)).


Bulaluhan sa Espana Regular Bulalo

Bulalohan sa Espana Regular Bulalo

I was expecting a sour taste but this one is on the spicy side of Sinigang. However, as long as it is sinigang, it is already good for me but I would have loved it more if it was sour.

Bulaluhan sa Espana Beef Steak


Bulalohan sa Espana Beef Steak

This one tasted great. At first, I thought that the beef would be hard but when I tried it it was soft and tender, very easy to separate and the sauce was tasty too (you can already eat it as a viand). This was unexpected and I can say, thumbs up for this one.


Bulaluhan sa Espana  Bangus SS

Bulalohan sa Espana Sweet and Sour Bangus

This one was ok. Nothing special. ^_^

Bottomline, we had a good meal (I had two servings of rice) and was able to go home not hungry anymore but sleepy. I just hope that they fix their sanitary issues because that alone made me decide not to go back anymore because I’m afraid of what those flies might drop into their food. It is not a seasoning that we would want on our food.

2166 Espana corner Josefina St., Sampaloc, Manila

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  1. i wanna try this…hmmmm

  2. We used to frequent this place back in college. The Bulalo here is really good!

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