(Closed) Batangus Grill Dinner

Early Dinner at Batangus Grill

Batangus Grill

Update: Batangus Grill has Closed

May 7, 2011

One fine afternoon-going-to-evening, we were going home and I wanted to try this place out. I always see this when I visit my sister and as a steak lover I wanted to know what they have to offer. So we ate at Batangus Grill.

Inside the place, we saw some flirty old men drinking beer and flirting with the waitresses. That made me think if this was a beer house but the place doesn’t give out that ambiance yet those customers are not a good sight to see. It also disturbs me that some waitresses give in or tolerate their advances.

So anyway, we opted to order our food. The food prices were a bit pricey so it better be good (expectant). Here’s what we ordered. (since it was dark, I was forced to use flash :( )

Batangus Grill Ladies Cut

Batangus Grill Ladies Cut – PHP300

I picked the cheapest variant of their steaks. (what is with their mashed potato and that shape?)

I could say that their steak was delicious. The cut was thick and it was all meat (no bone, no fat). Though as you continue to eat it, it loses it’s juiciness (I wonder why?). I also wished the serving was much bigger but considering the price, it would be passable already. I also tried the different sauces they had (gravy, soy sauce, A1 steak sauce and the worshworshworsh sauce or Worcestershire sauce). It goes well with the last two as long as you don’t put too much else it would be too sour already.

Batangus Grill Shredded Beef

Batangus Grill Shredded Beef – PHP ~160

I forgot the name and the price of this dish. This is similar to sizzling beef with vegetables. The vegetables are similar to some side dishes being served in other restaurants (Hmm sauted bean sprouts?). This one had a spicy kick to it but aside from that, it was so-so only.

Overall, I liked the steak but I could have wanted more in serving size but I have to pay more for that. The ambiance of the place was also good but I was just really bothered by those flirty old men. With their presence, you just need to add a videoke to the place and my perception would change instantly.

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Batangus Grill, Savana Market
Savana Market, Pasong Tamo, Brgy. Tejeros
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 403-3970

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7 thoughts on “(Closed) Batangus Grill Dinner

  1. Flirty Old Men = Dirty Old Men.. :D
    Unfortunately, the dim lighting of the place promotes these kinds of people.

    • LoL agree with you. It is not supposed to be that way from what I see… oh well. Cheap beer + waitresses who tolerate such advances = haven for flirty old men :)

  2. LOL @ flirty old men! :))

  3. Hi, I would have to agree with you about everything, especially the flirting mania. There was one particular waitress who was so flirty I got disgusted. The waitresses not only tolerate, but even encourage such advances. It was so unprofessional. Sayang, it would have been a nice place to bring the family, but it doesn’t “feel right”.

    Good steaks though.

    • I see, so this isn’t an isolated case. I would definitely label this as a PG 13 or even R18 place. It is not a good place for a family dinner.

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So what can you say? :)