Early Lunch at Aristocrat

Early Lunch at Aristocrat

Oct 26, 2010

The day we were supposed to renew our Visa, we had an early lunch at Aristocrat Restaurant near Roxas Boulevard.The place was nice and it has really expanded since the last time I dined here (years ago lol). There used to be an Aristocrat Restaurant here in Iloilo (much more years ago, I was still in elementary then), but it closed down because I think it was more expensive that the usual restaurants here in Iloilo and those were the days that Chicken BBQ (their specialty) wasn’t such a hit then.

So going back to our orders, we did not get to choose different dishes because we were in a hurry but still I tried ordering other dishes aside from the default order of Chicken BBQ.

Aristocrat Sinigang na Tyan ng Bangus – PHP298

The first dish I picked and it was Sinigang with seafood. I’m a fan of sinigang so as long as it is sour, I’m all good. I’m not really into what’s the other ingredients are as long as I can enjoy my meal with soup. They did give us generous portions of Bangus Belly (although thin), so it was all good. Nothing much to say really about this.

Aristocrat Fish Fillet in Sweet and Sour Sauce – PHP224

Another fish dish choice by me! I like sweet and sour and this one is no exception. As long as I could taste the sourness of the sauce, that is enough for me to eat a lot. One thing I noticed from their fish fillet is that it isn’t the usual “white” fish fillet you see in other places. It is more of “real” fish meat then they added breading which makes it more natural but not that soft. This was something new for me in my career of eating fish fillet so I like it!

Aristocrat Chicken Barbeque w/ Eat all you can Java Rice – PHP 185

This is a promo that was shared to us by the waiter. The regular order (PHP 195) of the Chicken Barbeque was three (3) pieces chicken barbeque and one cup of rice. For this promo, you get two (2) pieces chicken barbqeue, serving of chopsuey and unlimited Java rice. This is a heavy meal and I doubt you can eat more than two cups of rice if you have to eat the vegies and when the chicken pieces are not so big so this is a nice tactic by Aristocrat (LoL).

One thing I can say about their Barbeque, tasty! I don’t even need to add their “java sauce” to enrich the flavor as you can eat it on it’s own and savor the delicious flavor. They just need to increase their serving size and it would be perfect!

We enjoyed our meal and we went out with full stomachs! :)

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Aristocrat Restaurant, Roxas Blvd.
432 San Andres St. cor. Roxas Blvd., Malate
Manila, Metro Manila

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