Cabalen Eat All You Can

Eat All You Can at Cabalen


October 23, 2011 Update

I noticed that the price of their buffet has increased to PHP 468 per person and also their menu has expanded from a pure Filipino Cuisine to Filipino + Japanese and a dash of Chinese. I’m going to try this out to show you more of the new Cabalen menu.

Cabalen Menu 2011 - Eat all you can PHP 468 Net

September 11, 2010

Out of sheer curiosity, we tried eating at Cabalen to see if we pig out and be satisfied without getting a big dent at our wallet. Cabalen is a restaurant that offers eat-all-you-can buffet where the cuisine is Filipino at a price of PHP298.00 per person. The same buffet rules apply such as no sharing / no leftovers.

These were the offerings (incomplete):

  • Two kinds of soup
  • Vegetables and appetizers
  • Rice (Garlic / Plain etc.)
  • The main dishes (around 8-10 dishes)
  • Filipino desserts and “kakanin
  • Lechon, fried catfish, liempo, sisig
  • Halo halo bar

and here are some pics to show you Cabalen’s buffet presentation.

My only rule in buffet is to be able to eat as much as what you have paid for so that means that with these viands, I should be able to eat a combined total of PHP298.00 from the dishes of Cabalen.

The food was great! I especially liked the Chicken and the Pork Hamonado. Gising-gising was also good but I still like the version of Recipes for that. The other dishes tasted so-so though it gave me the feeling of home-cooked which for me is very much acceptable since I’m now living in a place where home cooking is a thing in the past. Another dish that I attacked a lot was the catfish (hito) because I missed it very much. We used to eat that a lot when I was young but lately, I didn’t have the chance to eat it anymore. Although their cooking was dry (it is supposed to be soft and juicy), the flavor was still there.

Overall, I think I managed to eat my desired amount because I filled my plate 3-4 times (I forgot). I can say that Cabalen is a nice place to pig out and it is not very expensive at all so I will definitely return.

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  1. next is my wedding and i am trying to search a venue.. i just want to ask your buffet package my estimated guests is more than 30 persons.. how much per head if we choose your place as the venue of our wedding..please response i want to know what are the menu did you prepare in buffet.. thank you so much i am hoping your fast response…janet…

So what can you say? :)