Eating at Bulalohan sa Ramirez

Eating at Bulalohan sa Ramirez

Bulalohan sa Ramirez Bulalo Regular

Bulalohan sa Ramirez Bulalo Regular

February 21, 2010

I was introduced to this eatery when I was returned to Manila one evening and when I first tasted it their soup, I said to myself, great more rice please! Now, whenever I pass by Quezon Ave and I’m hungry, I take a detour to eat here at Bulalohan sa Ramirez.

When we say bulalo, the first thing that comes into my mind would be Beef and Bone Marrow. However, I was surprised to know that in Manila, they have two types of bulalo.

Regular Bulalo – The soup is more similar to the flavor of Sinigang (Tamarind broth soup) because it is sour and they use pork. Actually you will not be able to eat pork because you will get a piece of bone and all you can eat there would be fats, cartilages, and skin. It is really not something someone who is health conscious would want to eat as these are not good for our body so we should only eat them in moderation.

Special Bulalo – This is more closer to the bulalo I had in mind. Beef bone with a few pieces of meat attached to the bone but the focus would be on the bone marrow. Again, eating bone marrow should be done in moderation as this is really not a healthy option. The soup would be similar to nilaga (boiled , though in beef, boiled beef soup?) but I don’t know why their soup tastes bland. Although they give you patis (fish sauce) to add to the flavor but I don’t know how to mix it so if it is just soup alone, it is bland.

So in Bulalohan sa Ramirez, I usually order the Regular Bulalo as it is cheaper than the Special Bulalo and since I like sinigang, it is a win-win situation for me. Here are some pics…

Bulalohan sa Ramirez Bulalo Regular

Bulalohan sa Ramirez Bulalo Regular

Bulalohan sa Ramirez Bulalo Regular – just the bone

Also, when eating there, we also order a random viand just to add a mix of flavor when eating. Generally not required though since with the soup alone, I can finish my meal of double rice.

Bulalohan sa Ramirez Random Viand

Bulalohan sa Ramirez Random Viand

In terms of prices (as of February 2010)

  • Regular Bulalo – PHP65 per order
  • Special Bulalo – PHP130 per order
  • Random viand (actually they have a menu) – PHP 55 – 70 per order

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55 N. Ramirez St., Galas, Quezon City

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