Eating out at Max’s Restaurant

Eating out at Max’s Restaurant

April 11, 2010

On one of our gym pass moments, Diosa wanted to eat at Max’s Restaurant not because of the fried chicken where they are proud of but of their Sizzling Tofu Dish. As for me, I’m not really a fan of friend chicken in restaurants unless they make the chicken skin to be crunchy or have a top quality gravy.

When I looked at the menu especially on the combo meals, I thought that these combo meals from Max’s has increased a lot in prices! I cannot remember the prices right now but it has been a big increase but of course, that was years ago too. So now, on with our orders.

Max’s Restaurant Crabmeat Fried Rice = PHP122.00

For me this is a good buy for rice because I think it can already make 3-4 cups of rice. Usually in restaurants, they sell them at around PHP30 to 35 per cup (plain rice) so this is a good choice because you also have crabmeat to go with it. I’m a big fan of crab meat and one of the main reasons that when i go back to Iloilo, I need to eat lots of crab meat! Anyway, this tasted good and the crab + egg taste will be enough for you to eat it without any viands but that would make this post boring so we ordered some more.

Max’s Restaurant 1/2 Spring Chicken = PHP 147.00

Max’ Spring Chicken. I was not really sure what is the difference between this and their normal Max’ Fried chicken but one thing for sure, this one is really small for it’s price. Was this a malnourished chicken or what? I did not get to enjoy this much so I will need to put this on my X list.

Max’s Restaurant Sinigang Tyan na Bangus = PHP 243.00

Yum yum ~~ Sinigang + Fried Rice. It didn’t matter to me that there were just around 3-4 servings of fish (not all were fish belly btw) and nothing much on the soup as I’m biased towards Sinigang. It isn’t really that sour but it was ok to mix in with the fried rice.

Max’s Restaurant Sizzling Tofu = PHP 163.00

Last but not the least, Diosa’s request. I do not know how to describe it aside from it tastes like tofu and it is spicy (I will try to ask Diosa to describe this one).

So there you have it, our meal at Max’s. I could not help but say that the only dish I enjoyed the most was the crabmeat fried rice. I guess we picked the wrong dishes this time. Well, this won’t be the last time we will come in here.

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3 thoughts on “Eating out at Max’s Restaurant

  1. pls po paemail naman po sakin pano gawin ang sizzling tofu? pls i will thank you forever

  2. Hello there. Its my first time to eat at Max Antipolo. But I was amazed by your sizzling tofu. Actually, i really don’t eat sizzling food, but when i tasted your dish, i was encourage then. So if you may allow me, would u spare me the recipe of your sizzling tofu? I know its your restaurant secret, but it would be a great help if you could share it. Thank you and looking forward in hearing from you soon. God bless and more power !

So what can you say? :)