18 thoughts on “Max Sizzling Tofu

  1. every time my family and friends would dine in at Max’s we make sure that sizzling tofu is always included on our table..we just cant let go of this food… yum! yum!

  2. pano po gawin ito? pls pls help

  3. Hello to the staff of Max Resto. Its my first time to eat Sizzling Tofu, but when i tasted your sizzling tofu at Max Antipolo, i was amazed and delighted of the taste. Would you spare me your secret recipe? It will be an honor in receiving feedback from you. God bless and more power!

  4. da best!!! superb…. please tell me how to cook sizzling tofu… please!! thank you in advance!!

  5. christinne cabrera says:

    i wonder whoever created this dish because i wanna thank him for this wonderful recipe which i eat like 4x aweek!! it’s super to die for and i love how everything was bledn to perfection. it’s the best sizzling tofu in the world!!

  6. My sister and I are addicted to Max’s sizzling tofu. Diet? Forget about it :-)

  7. want to know how to cook sizzling tofu..
    yummy tofu…..

  8. i love max’s :-)

  9. Your sizzling tofu was really great everytime i ate at maxs i always order sizzling tofu its really amazing could i get the recipe and procedure for this recipe thru email i want to cook it for my husband thanks please,,,,,,,,

  10. emerson m cruz says:

    i really love this sizzling tofu .. i always go to your placed just to order it .. so i would highly appreciate if you give the recipe coz i would like me kids to taste this delicious sizzling tofu !!!

  11. marielle ashley rose saliba says:

    i love it!how to cook this?pls..

  12. Cn u email me d recipe of sizzling tofu pls…… Thnk u :-)

  13. Edrie Delos Reyes says:

    i love this … appreciate if you could share the recipe … ;-)

  14. does anybody know the secret? im newlywed and my husband loves it (hs a vegtrian) pls it would be a big help =) thanks =)

  15. Cathy Del Rosario says:

    me too. can i have the recipe for sizzling tofu. tnx

  16. Please send me also a copy of your recipe..tks.

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