Empanada Nation

Empanada Nation

Empanada Nation

If I were to reminisce my Ilocos Trip (in the foodie aspect),  the Okoy and Empanada experience would come into mind. Okoy would be your shrimp patty while Empanada would be stuffed bread with meat and egg fillings. So why am I reminiscing? This was because we recently ate at the newly opened Empanada Nation; their Makati Branch. They just had their grand opening celebration in the morning (as we saw in the balloons and tarpaulins).

Their specialties would be Ilocos dishes such as Empanada, Longganisa, Bagnet and other Ilocos specialties. We tried a few things here which would be…

Empanada Nation Crispy Dinuguan

Empanada Nation Crispy Dinuguan – 112

We tried first their Crispy Dinuguan (Pork Blood Stew). This would be the first I tried dinuguan this way and I was surprised on how it tastes. It was all crispy! Since it was crispy, you can really taste the distinct taste of the pork blood. I feel that this dish needs getting used to so I’d just stick to the usual dinuguan for now.

Empanada Nation King's Meal

Empanada Nation King’s Meal – PHP 185

(Ilocos Bagnet, Ilocos Longganisa, Red Egg, KBL – Kamatis, Bagoong, Lasona)

For their complete meal, the King’s meal is recommended. It contains two viands (Bagnet and Longganisa) and  two side-dishes (Red Egg and KBL). Serving size was a bit small than what I expected.

Empanada Nation Double Special Empanada

Double Special Empanada – 95

I initially thought that double would mean two pieces of Empanada but instead, it meant double the longannisa fillings. Due to the double longannisa filling, each bite has a piece of longannisa on it. But don’t forget the egg that comes with it and a few veggies. You may bathe it in vinegar but I already like it on its own.

Empanada Nation would be a nice place to get your Ilocos cuisine cravings especially Empanada.

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Empanada Nation

Urban Ave., Campos Rueda Bldg., Makati City. Near Makati Medical Center, beside Mercury Drug Gil Puyat.

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  1. Anne Soriano says:

    Try Farinas Ilocos Empanada at the Collective Building (Along Malugay St.) Makati city for authentic Ilocos food :)

So what can you say? :)