Enjoying a Free PAL Business Class thanks to Mabuhay Miles

Enjoying a Free PAL Business Class thanks to Mabuhay Miles

My return to Manila was free and special because my mother used her accumulated Mabuhay Miles to avail me a free plane ticket.

Mabuhay Miles Program
Mabuhay Miles is a program by Philippine airlines where you get to earn miles for every trip you fly with them. The miles you earn is the actual amount of distance in miles from your place to your destination. For example, from Iloilo to Manila it is around 220 miles so you will get awarded 220 miles in your account.

However, the points are only valid if you did not buy your tickets via a promo fare or your flight is not a redemption from Mabuhay Miles.

Additional Benefits for Business Class

[1] You get access to the Mabuhay Class Lounge. It is a special place in the airport where you can relax, eat free food, watch tv in a bigger screen and access the internet.

[2] You get bigger seats on the airplane. Most of the time, you will get bigger seats because instead of the 6 seater row of the airplane, it is only a 4 seater row so a much bigger place for you.

[3] You get served with a hot meal. The other passengers get peanuts and sandwich crackers.

See what I had in this meal.

[4] You have your own personal attendant. (Well, she is assigned as the single attendant for all passengers on the business class)

[5] You can feel good at the experience of flying business class. Well, I did feel good flying via business class but it is not something that I would get every time. I have been flying fiesta/economy class ever since and had been satisfied with it.

Redemption of Mabuhay Miles

Here are the rates on the redemption of miles.

Manila – Iloilo Flight Fiesta Class = 4000 Miles
Manila – Iloilo Flight Mabuhay Class = 5000 Miles

How to get a lot of miles?
Well, my mother was using her HSBC Mabuhay Miles Credit Card to earn points in miles as we usually do not fly a lot. Our only way to earn a lot of miles is from credit cards conversion.

Every P45 you charge to your Mabuhay Miles Visa Classic or Gold credit card earns you one (1) Bonus Point, equivalent to 1 Mile
Every P35 you charge to your Mabuhay Miles Visa Platinum credit card earns you one (1) Bonus Point, equivalent to 1 Mile

I got this from the HSBC Mabuhay Credit Card frequently asked questions pdf file.

My goal is to try flying business class on longer flights as they would have their own television to control what movies they watch during the entire flight. But of course, this is much more expensive to purchase or to redeem via mabuhay miles.

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