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Fino Deli

Fino Deli Wine

Our sixth and last stop for the Zomato Hunger Games was at Fino Deli.

It was a sigh of relief that our last stop for the night weren’t another serving of Kare-Kare or Bagnet. Nothing against the previous restaurants but at that moment, I don’t think my stomach can handle another full load. Instead, our hunger games ends with wine and cheese with raised pinky fingers (did I just say that out loud?).

Fino Deli is a rare gem in Marikina’s food scene as there’s not a lot of restaurants that serves Italian cuisine with specialization in imported cheese and wine. With these two and the overall, I would easily say that Fino Deli is a fine dining restaurant. Now let me say that I have very limited knowledge on wine and cheese. This was very clear in my blank stare as others were amazed as they saw the wine cellar and the display of many types of cheese.

Fino Deli Cold Cuts and Cheese Platter

Fino Deli Cold Cuts and Cheese Platter – PHP 445 / 320 / 345

Fino Deli has three types of “Cold Cuts and Cheese Platters” and sadly I can’t distinguish one from the other. All three types were served and I did try them all. -_-

Fino Deli Truffle Mushroom Pasta

Fino Deli Truffle Mushroom Pasta – PHP 235

I don’t usually like oil-based pasta but I’d be willing to make an exception for truffle oil because it smells good! It was light and relaxing to eat; not to filling as if to tell us that we have already eaten a lot that day.

Fino Deli Cinco Quezo

Fino Deli Cinco Quezo – PHP 490

This was everyone’s favorite! I have tried three and four cheese pizza but this takes it a step higher with five cheese! There were no compromise on the cheese as it was oozing and literally cheesy! If I were to recommend one dish that’s worth travelling to Fino Deli then this would be it!

Fino Deli Wine

Fino Deli Wines – Castel Starmina Merlot (PHP 165/glass) and Terase Danubiene Roze (PHP 170/glass)

Lastly, we were also served drink-all-you-can-I-dare-you imported wine from Romania. Here I realized that I’m not really a wine person as it was a challenge for me to finish. I did try both though. The Roze was sweeter than Castel but both were bitter for me.

Like I said before and I’d say this again; Fino Deli is a rare gem perfect for those special occasions, date nights or just “sossy” family gatherings. Don’t forget to swirl your glass and raise your pinky as you take a sip.

Disclosure: Fino Deli paid for our meal

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Fino Deli

151 Dao Street,
Marikina Heights,
Marikina City

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