Flatiron 1771 Opens at Uptown Mall

Flatiron 1771 Opens at Uptown Mall

Flatiron Brisket 6

Flatiron Brisket 6 – PHP 850

From the 1771 group of restaurants comes a new concept; Flatiron 1771.

We have seen restaurants that have been inspired from different cuisines and places; but Flatiron is different. It was actually inspired from a cookware; the cast iron griddle. These heavy cookwares are durable (will last you for a long time) and versatile (you can cook a lot of dishes on it). In fact, most of the dishes at Flatiron were cooked using the griddles.

Flatiron emphasizes on quick and hot food. They would like to be part of the lunch / dinner choices of those who have a limited lunch time break. No, they are not a fast-food joint; as they are still a restaurant where you can order, dine and enjoy “urban comfort food“.

Personally, I was already excited to eat as their specialty was beef brisket and I believe steaks cook great on iron griddles. So without further delays, let us start our meal!


Flatiron Manhattan Seafood Chowder

Flatiron Manhattan Seafood Chowder – PHP 290

Our meal started with seafood chowder. It was very loaded with fish, clams and bacon that a single serve left me wanting more.

Flatiron Pomelo Orzo Salad

Flatiron Pomelo Orzo Salad – PHP 300

Next up was the salad… :)

Flatiron GAB Pizza

Flatiron GAB Pizza – PHP 450

Then to cap off the appetizers (yes, a slice or two of pizza counts as an appetizer) would be the GAB pizza. GAB stands for garlic, anchovies and brisket. I enjoyed this as it was loaded with cheese; a bit salty and crunchy meat in between bites.


Flatiron Burger

Flatiron Burger – PHP 525

The burger was just ok. Not too fancy although they used a potato bun (something that I didn’t realize until I read it on the menu). I noticed that the beef patty’s texture was like shredded beef (unlike the texture of grilled / pan-fried beef patties).

Flatiron Salmon w Miso Glaze

Flatiron Salmon w Miso Glaze – PHP 575

Ohh salmon; but this salmon comes with a miso glaze that adds to the flavor. It was broiled; not grilled and it was a hit at our table.

Flatiron Pizzaiola Pasta

Flatiron Pizzaiola Pasta – PHP 395

The pasta with tomato sauce was simple but I enjoyed it. It was cheesey, a bit meaty and it was fun eating bowtie shaped pasta.

Flatiron Steak

Flatiron Steak – PHP 1250

Steak! Now we are talking! The steak was thick but it doesn’t really show because it has already been sliced into long strips. It came with two dips; rock salt and a Worcestershire-based sauce but I don’t think the steak needed it. It was tender enough for a fork to easily cut.

Flatiron Brisket 6

Flatiron Brisket 6 – PHP 850

Finally, we had the specialty of the house which was gone in a few seconds. The beef brisket was slow-cooked for 6 hours and only gets seared on the griddle when there’s an order request. The result would be another fork tender dish; sealed with flavors and with seared edges. The beef simply breaks apart when you start slicing it and you can shred it thinly like corned beef if you’d like.

Both beef dishes were delicious! Both satisfaction, it would be the steak but for bang-for-the-buck; it would be the brisket.


Flatiron Intense Brownie Burger

Flatiron Intense Brownie Burger – PHP 560

The dessert was meant for sharing. Coffee ice cream sandwiched between two large chocolate fudge brownies! I really enjoyed the fudge brownies. It was fudgy, moist, chocolatey and overwhelming (if you are eating this alone).

The 1771 group’s newest concept, Flatiron, is off to a hot start! With the hot off the griddle meals and that deadly dessert, one can expect delicious meals perfect for a quick meal or a comfortable dining experience.

Disclosure: Flatiron 1771 paid for our meal. 

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Flatiron 1771

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