Foodgasm 1: Indulge Your TasteBuds Experience

Foodgasm 1: Indulge Your TasteBuds Experience

Foodgasm 1 Indulge your taste buds

Last year, I received an invite to be a blogger-judge for Foodgasm. I apologize for this super duper late post about my experience on being a blogger judge (even foodgasm has taken a second bite already).

Let us first start on how I looked on that day where I was underdressed as compared to the other people in the event. They all had nice clothes and shoes while I was there with my little camera in just a t-shirt, shorts and sandal. If I didn’t see the foodgasm sign, I would have thought I was in the wrong place.

Foodgasm 1 - Allen Gurrea

Well, enough about me… let’s get it on with the judging! First of all, I’d like to express my admiration to all the food businesses who prepared a lot of bite size samples of their food for us foodies to try. It is not an easy task! A big salute to all of them. Sorry, got lost in another segue… Now unto the food!

Quadruple Chocolate from The Pastry Cream

Quadruple Chocolate by The Pastry Cream

How can a bite size cupcake have four different kinds of chocolate on it (white chocolate sprinkle, ganache frosting, chococake base and choco butter cream inside)? They managed to do it and it was yummy especially if you love chocolate.

Red Belgian Waffles by Mr and Mrs Brussels

Red Velvet Belgian Waffles by Mr & Mrs Brussels

A surprisingly new take on making waffles! It is topped with strawberry puree and cream cheese.

Tofud Sweets by De Light

Tofud Sweets by De Light

It looks like a regular blueberry cheesecake but instead tofu was used. It has this tofu after taste.

Bagnet Paella by Flavor Avenue

Bagnet Paella by Flavor Avenue

Paella with bits of bagnet, tomato and red egg. I’d want a cup of this to appreciate it more as the bite size version left me wondering and wanting.

The Ultimate from Blue Toque

The Ultimate by Blue Toque

The 3 Cs… chocolate, creaminess, crunchiness all in one. The name says it all.

Butterscotch by Sweet Home Bakeshop

Butterscotch by Sweet Home Bakeshop

Chewy and moist butterscotch that comes in three flavors (chocolate chip, original and mango).

Fried Chicken by Kyma's

Fried Chicken and Mango Pandan by Kyma’s

They had two entries which was the fried chicken and the mango pandan. The fried chicken was ok but I’d like to have a taste of a bigger portion but I loved the Mango Pandan!

Crunchy Belly by Carlo’s Kitchen

I’ve tasted this before at Best Food Forward. A dish that looks very simple yet you don’t want to miss out on.

Mad Mark's

Mad Marks’s

A new taste of vanilla and also bitter chocolate ice cream.

Ginataang Sinantol by C's Mila

Ginataang Sinantol by C’s Mila

This was really something new to my ears and tongue and a welcome break from all the sweets that we have tried. It goes well with crackers (for those on a diet) or with rice where you won’t need an additional viand to go with it.

Red Velvet Cupcakes by Pasty Princess

Red Velvet Cupcakes by Pasty Princess

Deliciously and super sweet cupcakes made by a 14 year old pastry princess! Wow! What was I doing when I was 14?

Panecillos by Kiera's Goodies

Panecillos by Kiera’s Goodies

Rolled bread with pili nut filing. Another new taste acquired!

Arancini by Bistrology

Arancini by Bistrology

Arancini (Risotto or rice balls) – it has tinapa, mozarella and tomato sauce inside each ball.

Peach and Lemon Tea by Arizona

Peach Tea and Lemon Tea by Arizona

Panzarotti by Mama Lou's Kitchen

Panzarotti by Mama Lou’s Kitchen

Pizza that has been rolled and comes in three dips (bleu cheese, pomodoro and pesto). Pick pomodoro to get that familiar pizza flavor.

The winner of Foodgasm was the Ultimate by Blue Toque while Tofud Sweets by De Light won the most innovative award.

Aside from stuffing ourselves with food, there were a lot of games and activities to do. Jessa even won a pair of Kicker Sandals (via ring toss) and free meal from Manila Q (via balloon popping). Me? I lost lol.

A big thank you to Ana and the rest of the UP Economics Society for this awesome opportunity to be a foodie judge for one day. I just had my first Foodgasm!

Till next time,


PS: Watch out for my post of Foodgasm 2: Take a second bite (I promise it won’t take months as this one did –_- )

So what can you say? :)