Forque Restaurant 4 Course Meal Deal

Forque Restaurant 4 Course Meal Deal


Thanks to Ensogo; we were able to try out this deal.

Forque Premium 4 Course Meal for 2 (valued at P1998)

Every first day of the month, Jessa and I would celebrate our monthsary and part of that would be to eat out at a more … how do I say this… higher standard / quality place? or places that we won’t usually eat at on normal days. Before, it was buffets but after becoming more health conscious, we settled for fine dining restaurants.

For February, it was Forque after I say a deal from Ensogo offering a four course meal for two. The meal consists of a Salad, Soup, Main Course and Dessert. A dish that I was looking forward to trying at Forque would be their lamb chops. Sadly, it wasn’t part of their offerings for main course.

Forque Salad

Forque Salad
Mixed greens with tomatoes, bacon, artichokes and blue cheese dressing

Salad – Caesar Salad

With bacon on salad, you can’t go wrong with it. It was a great way to start our meal and excite our taste buds.

Soup – Onion Soup / Sopa De Ajo

Forque Onion Soup

Forque Onion Soup
Onions caramelized to perfection, definitely your feel good soup

Onion Soup – gooey cheese with lots of onion. It had a mix of saltiness and a bit of sourness but still good. I enjoyed finishing all the onions.

Forque Sopa De Ajo

Sopa De Ajo – or better known as garlic soup. I was surprised to find bread floating and another surprise was an egg hidden under that bread.

Both soups were a first for the both of us and we liked it (although I liked Sopa de Ajo better in terms of flavor).

Main Course – Beef Salpicao / Chicken Fingers

Forque Chicken Ala Kiev Puff

Forque Chicken Ala Kiev Puff Chicken fillets are wrapped in a wonderful filling and fried, making it a crispy filling meal

Forque Chicken Ala Kiev Puff Chicken

Forque Beef Salpicao

Beef Salpicao – my favorite for the whole meal. The beef was very tender and upon slicing, you will see that the insides are colored pink (cooked medium). It was very tasty and juicy! ooohh I’m craving right now just by thinking about it.

Dessert – Forque’s Special / Turon a la mode

Forque Turon a la mode
Turon A Mode – sweetened (or caramelized) turon with pili nuts

Forque’s Special

Forque’s Special
Forque’s special ice cream bathing in fresh orange juice and syrup and finished off with caramel popcorn

Forque’s Special – Ice cream bathing in syrup with caramelized popcorn on the sides and cherry on the top. We both had puzzled looks upon seeing this but as we tried it, the ingredients blended together in a good way.

It was a unique and great way to end our meal at Forque.

PS: as I browsed through the posts of other bloggers who visited Forque, the lamb chops are always there… I guess I know what to order on my next visit.

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FORQUE Restaurant
Pasay Road/Arnaiz Ave
928 Pasay Rd/Arnaiz Ave
San Lorenzo, Makati
(02) 836-8230 / 5537656

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So what can you say? :)