Genji M – Unlimited Sushi, Rolls and Sashimi Buffet

Genji M – Unlimited Sushi, Rolls and Sashimi Buffet

Genji M Sashimi Set

Whenever I eat at buffets, I usually skip the Japanese section in favor of the roast / carving section. I may sneak in a tempura or two on my plate but I would usually just admire the presentation of numerous sushi and maki on display, then proceed to my destination. A visit to Genji M restaurant made me more than an admirer into an actual eater.

Genji M Restaurant is a fusion restaurant that serves Japanese and Korean dishes. What we got to try would be their new menu that’s call, Unli everything! Yes, that’s right! They have unli sushi, unli maki, unli rolls, and unli sashimi that’s prepared as soon as you order it. Let me first share to you the price list of  Genji M’s Unli-menu. then we proceed on how it works.

Item Price
Unlimited Sushi and Rolls PHP 399
Unlimited Sashimi (includes Unlimited Sushi and Rolls) PHP 699
Unlimited Premium Sashimi (includes Unlimited Sushi and Rolls, Tuna Seafood ShabuShabu) PHP 1499

To start things, let the waiters know what unli item you want to avail and you will be given an order slip.

Genji M Order List

Just put a mark on the item that you want to order.

After that, just wait while the Chefs create your orders.

Genji M Chefs

What is your order?

Currently, they have a lot of


Genji M Sushi Army

Tuna sushi army – ready to be served

Genji M Sushi Set

Sushi set led by Tuna and Salmon Sushi. Also, I’d like to mention that asides from the sushi you might be familiar already, they also have their own sushi creation like the samgyupsal sushi. A thin slice of samgyupsal is placed on top of rice; then wrapped in seaweed (nori). Rice and viand; in one bite size package!

Btw, I’d like to share this nice info-graphic on eating sushi.


Genji M Roll

Genji M California Rolls

Now I’m wondering… what is the difference between a maki and a roll? I see that this is usually called as a “California maki” but in the menu, it is a California roll.


Genji M Sashimi Set

Sashimi Set – the highlight of the night. It contains four pieces of freshly sliced tuna (maguro), tuna belly or fatty tuna (otoro), salmon, squid (ika), octopus (tako), and I don’t know other one. Tender and slimy (lol not my best description as I rarely eat sashimi).

Also, I’d like to share with you the sushi that we kept on ordering again and again.

Genji M - Making of the Spam Sushi

Genji M – Making of the Spam Sushi

Genji M Spam Sushi

Spam Sushi (musubi)

Genji M Bulgogi Sushi

Bulgogi Sushi – Another Japanese/Korean fusion and it was a big hit!

Just to add, if you are feeling thirsty, Genji M also has a lot of Japanese and Korean drinks that you can try.

Genji M Jinro Chamisul Soju

We were served Jinro Chamisul Soju for the night. I also learned a new way to prepare this drink and they do it by spinning it. I can’t remember exactly how they did it though.

Lastly, I want to share with you the promo that they currently have. Mr. Sam Lee, Genji M’s, gave us two PHP 250 meal coupons and told us to share this on twitter. Because… anyone who prints our tweet with the picture of the coupon will also get to avail of the coupon! So here’s my tweet, just go print :)

Disclosure: Genji M paid for our meal. Arigatou gozaimasu! Kamsahamnida

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Genji M
Kalayaan Ave cor Makati Ave
San Lorenzo, Makati
(02) 804-2883

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