Gloria Maris Shark’s Fin Restaurant Greenhills

Gloria Maris Shark’s Fin Restaurant Greenhills

Gloria Maris

Gloria Maris has been one of the Chinese Restaurants where I haven’t had the chance to visit because I got intimidated with its reputation as being very expensive. So when I got invited to a food bloggers event here, how can I refuse? :-)

Gloria Maris isn’t hard to find at Greenhills area because of the sheer size of their restaurant. They had been at their new location for over a year now and it really looks amazing! The place has been divided into different sections such as the dim sum area, hot pot area, banquet hall and VIP rooms. They can easily accommodate a party of 2 or 1000!

Gloria Maris Banquet Hall with Stairs

The banquet hall really looks elegant where you can a place host parties, events or even your wedding reception. A staircase, complete with a nice view of their chandelier, needs to be used (or conveniently use the elevator) to reach it.

Gloria Maris VIP Room

We were hosted inside a large VIP room where it’s actually 4 VIP rooms combined in one. I just have to mention that each VIP room has their own restroom! So now, open up your imagination as we travel through the Kingdom of Gloria Maris.

Gloria Abalone Sashimi

Gloria Maris Abalone Sashimi

Our meal started with a delivery from nothing less than a dragon ship (see first pic of post) bringing us fresh abalones. The presentation alone makes it something to order! The ship was accompanied by wasabi, soy sauce and a creamy wasabi mayo you can use to torture your new captives. The abalone was chewy but bland; good thing the wasabi mayo added more flavor to it.

Gloria Maris Prawns and Pop Rice with Strawberry Sauce

Gloria Maris Prawns and Pop Rice with Strawberry Sauce

Next up would be a Chinese Courtyard. We have prawns pillars on top of pop rice pedestals looking over a sweet and sour pond; with a strawberry island in the middle. The prawns were your usual fried prawns but what makes this a great dish would be the sauce and the addition of strawberries. It gives a unique sweetness to the usual sweet and sour flavor.

Gloria Maris Chio Chow Cold Cuts

Gloria Maris Chiu Chow Cold Cuts

Next we have cold cuts. You have maki, crunchy pork belly, duck, enoki mushrooms and bacon rolls; a combination of different cuisines in one plate. I personally liked the crunchy pork belly and the bacon roll. If you are tired of the cold cuts (e.g. century egg, asado, seaweed, pork ham) usually served as Chinese lauriats then why not give Chiu Chow Cold Cuts a try.

Gloria Maris 2 Tone Almond Seafood Pumpkin Soup

Gloria Maris 2 Tone Almond Seafood Pumpkin Soup

Next we have the Yin Yang Soup. I loved how creamy the pumpkin soup was and the seafood inside has a similar taste to seafood spinach soup. I wasn’t able to distinguish the almond taste though.

Gloria Maris Scallop and Shell Meat with French Beans and Raddish

Gloria Maris Scallop and Shell Meat with French Beans and Radish

Let us move to the garden where we can see a dragon statue in the distance. Another dish that I loved! The huge and juicy scallops were sitting on top of crunchy French beans and raddish (not a fan). I enjoyed munching on the French beans similar on how Bugs Bunny eats his carrot.

Gloria Maris Peking Chicken Salad

Gloria Maris Peking Chicken Salad

This is it! My favorite among the rest! Shredded roasted chicken on top of mantou (steamed bread) with kani (crabstick) salad. It then gets surrounded by fruits such as strawberries, melon and kiwis. For a second there, I thought it was Peking duck but their Peking chicken doesn’t pale in comparison. Talk about having starters and dessert in one amazing dish!

Gloria Maris Steamed Lapu Lapu Fillet with Egg White

Gloria Maris Steamed Lapu-Lapu Fillet with Egg White

We now see a lapu-lapu galleon ship stuck at frozen egg white. For this one, I didn’t quite like the combination of the fish and the egg white. I guess I’m still loyal to steamed or sweet and sour lapu-lapu.

Gloria Maris Fried Crab with Salted Egg

Gloria Maris Fried Crab with Salted Egg

Moving to their farm, we can see a plantation of crabs fully ripe for picking. This was a best seller on our table despite health advisories due to the tasty crab meat and yummy saltiness added by the salted egg. It’s best eaten with your bare hands but for those who don’t want to get their hands dirty; you won’t have to worry since the crabs have already been cracked for you.

Gloria Maris Marshmallow Pastries

Gloria Maris Marshmallow Pastries

This breaks my heart as I see a family of bunnies descend from the heavens… just to be eaten. I will not forget the sacrifice made by these chewy marshmallow bunnies coated with grated coconut meat.

Gloria Maris Jumbo Buchi

Gloria Maris Jumbo Buchi

On the far distance, we would see a garden of Buchis. These huge buchis were hollow on the inside and tastes more like tikoy.

That ends our trip to the Kingdom of Gloria Maris. Did you learn and enjoy it? Personally I did! I loved how they managed to integrate other cuisines into the Chinese dishes that they have. It made it less “boring” (especially if you order the same dishes at Chinese restaurants.

An important info that we learned that day was that even if we see a lot of Gloria Maris restaurants around the metro, they are now owned nor managed by the same group. They used to be franchises but the company that was handling the franchises closed down so they were left on their own. In short, there’s no one to supervise the quality between restaurants. So if you really want the original Gloria Maris, the Greenhills branch is the only place you should go to.

Lastly, to celebrate their 1st anniversary…

Gloria Maris offers 30% off your food bill

For a minimum spend of PHP 1000 for cash and card transactions. Available from June 3 to July 31, 2013. Mondays to Fridays Only.

Disclosure: Gloria Maris paid for our meal. 

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Gloria Maris Shark’s Fin Restaurant

Greenhills Shopping Center, Missouri Street corner Connecticut, Greenhills, San Juan City
570-0921 / 570-0923 / 570-0924

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