Goldilocks Brazo De Mercedes

Goldilocks Brazo De Mercedes

Goldilocks Brazo De Mercedez

Goldilocks Brazo De Mercedez

Presenting one of my favorite desserts to eat, Brazo De Mercedes!

According to Goldilocks, this is the definition…

Meringue rolls with golden yellow custard filling. The crust has a wavy design and sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar.

Aside from Leche Flan, Brazo de Mercedes has been one of my favorite desserts. I would usually try to buy one roll although I will have a hard time finishing it. I even had a sore throat before because I was trying to eat as much as I can (I guess the custard filling got stuck to my throat lol).

I had this one as a surprise gift from Jessa and it took me nearly three weeks to finish. It already expired at the end of the first week based on the “best before date” but as I ate through it, only the meringue roll changed. It became harder like it was turning into merinque hardness but the taste is still there. It became chewy (getting stuck to your teeth) and the custard filling also got hard too. However, for the custard filling, only the one that was exposed to the air got hard. If you dig deeper, you can still find some filling that are still soft.

This was the first time that I kept eating Brazo de Mercedes even after the expiration date. I do not recommend doing so because it might upset your stomach but I took the risk because I love eating it so much! :)

Goldilocks Brazo de Mercedes Prices:

Whole 286.00, Half 176.00

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