Goldilocks Lunch

Goldilocks Lunch + the I Like I Win Promo

Goldi I Like I Win Promo

Jessa and I were at SM Megamall for their 3-Day Sale and after canvassing for phone prizes, we got hungry and looked for a place to eat. We decided to eat at Goldilocks since I’ve always been curious at their cheap meals and they do have an ongoing promo too.

With regards to their cheap meals, I found out that the serving sizes were also small to compensate. I would advise to skip their fried chicken as they usually cost more but the pieces I saw were really small. Now, let’s move on to what we ordered.

Goldilocks Spicy Chicken Tender BBQ + Java Rice Goldilicious Meal

Spicy Chicken Tender BBQ + Java Rice Goldilicious Meal – PHP45

Sweet and Spicy Chicken BBQ that goes very well with the java rice. The chicken had a lot of skin / fat to it but it was tender and delicious. The java rice was a bonus since it was really tightly packed.

Goldilocks Dinuguan

Goldilocks Dinuguan – PHP 60

When we were ordering, I saw that a lot of people were ordering this dish so I wanted to try it out too. It was very meaty (with a few slices of fat) and deliciously sour. No wonder a lot of people were ordering this.

Goldilocks Laing Pasta

Goldilocks Laing Pasta – PHP45

We were curious of how laing would taste with pasta and we found out that they don’t really mix well. We would prefer to eat it with rice.

About the Promo:

You would need to order their spicy chicken tender BBQ (PHP45) + a medium softdrink (PHP42 – what the..) in order to join the promo. Upon paying for your order, you will be given a coupon. Each coupon can have an instant prize and it will also serve as your entry to the raffle (provided you register your raffle entry via SMS to 2346).

Overall, we enjoyed our meal at Goldilocks as we were treated with delicious food. It would have been truly a budget meal if we didn’t try to avail of their promo which forced us to buy overpriced softdrinks.

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Goldilocks Bakeshop, SM Megamall
1/Lvl., SM Megamall Bridgeway, Julia Vargas Ave.
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

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