Shakeys Good Deal 1

Good Deal 1 from Shakeys

Shakey's- Shakeys Good Deal 1

May 3, 2010

After roaming around in SM Megamall due to a sale and having bought nothing on my list (new black pants), we settled down to eat at Shakeys. We were hungry by then but we always want to get a good deal and we found this Deal # 1 in their menu which looks good.

Shakey's Good Deal 1

We computed the price of these items if we were to order them individually and this deal # 1 is cheaper so we ordered this one.

Shakey's GD1 Garlic Bread

Shakeys Garlic Bread

Their garlic bread has a crunchy outer layer but soft inside. I primarily use this to wipe my plate clean from the spaghetti sauce before I eat the bread.

Shakey's GD1 Spagetti Platter

Shakeys Spagetti Platter

Nothing really extra ordinary about their spagetti but the taste was great especially their sauce.

Shakey's GD 3 Large Thin Crust Manager's Choice

Shakeys Manager’s Choice Thin Crust Pizza

Thin Crust + mini meatballs + bellpeppers + ham + cheese = satisfaction. What I like about thin crust pizza is that you can really savor the toppings on them without getting full instantly from the crust. In this way, you can eat more servings of their pizza and enjoy it more. Their pizza was great that I was able to eat around 4 slices without the need of using hot sauce to help me eat it.

This deal also comes with 1 pitcher of their house blend iced tea. You should try their iced tea because it doesn’t taste like the conventional powdered iced tea.

Another tummy well fed.

Till next time.



SM Megamall
G/F SM Megamall-Bldg B, Doña Julia Vargas Ave
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
(02) 777-77


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6 thoughts on “Shakeys Good Deal 1

  1. sulit din yung platter ata.. yun yung treat nila Tin C and Fe

  2. sulit din yung monster meal nila na around P1699 for 10-12 persons. includes 2 large pizza, spaghetti and carbonara pasta, garlic bread, lots of chicken and mojos with pitchers of iced tea or soda.

    we ordered this one nla lunch out when we’re about 9pax. less than 200 each and may sobrang food pa hehe.

    • ohh eto din ba ung kinain nung pagbalik galing ng cavite (my poor feet) , baka mahina kumain ung NLA (for example they all eat like bee) hehe :)

  3. I love shakey’s! I taste it already here in our mall. Shakey’s really gives a great services especially there serving variety of foods.

  4. wow! sulit na sulit ito ah!!
    sabagay busog-busog ka na sa pizza and pasta. :)

    planning to check out some great deals din sa Shakey’s by next time, treat ko si Mama ko for her bday.

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